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In autumn 2018, more than 8,400 people took part in a public consultation on our proposal for a class D charging CAZ for Bath. This feedback, along with on-going technical work, helped to shape the plan we’re looking at today - a less impactful class C charging CAZ that will still comply with Bath’s strict air quality targets while exempting private cars from charges. 

In autumn 2019, we held a further consultation on the final details of the class C CAZ, including the draft charging order that will form the legal basis for enforcing the zone when it’s launched.

Feedback from this consultation helped to shape the final business case which will be submitted for final approval by the government once the cabinet has considered it on 16 January 2020. 

Formal consultation is now closed. We will continue to run drop-in sessions and information events on the scheme, which we hope you'll attend.


If you'd like to send a letter or email to the CAZ team, please use the address below.

Clean Air Zone Team
Public Protection 
Lewis House
Manvers Street 


Or call Council Connect on 01225 394041

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