The Authority has received four sustained objections against the Bath and North East Somerset Council (Restricted byway BA21/12, Beeks Mill, St Catherine) Definitive Map Modification Order 2017.  The Order has therefore been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate who will determine the Order on behalf of the Secretary of State.  The following documents relate to the Order and are now on public deposit:

Order Making Authority's Submissions Documents

Beeks Mill DMMO

B&NES's Statement of Grounds

Outstanding Objections

Notice of making of Order

Certificate of advertising

Certificate of consultation

Location Plan

Extract of Definitive Map and Statement



Statements of Case 

Donald MacIntyre's Statement of Case

Kate Chubb's Statement of Case

Kate Chubb's Late Submitted Evidence

Iain Plaister's Statement of Case

Pete Russell's Statement of Case

W.A. Johns' Statement of Case

Brenda Johns' Statement of Case 

Edward Lippiatt's Statement of Case

Neil Perry's Statement of Case

Richard Davey's Statement of Case


Proofs of Evidence

Donald MacIntyre's Proof of Evidence

Tom Craigmyle's Proof of Evidence

Janet Priest's Proof of Evidence

Jim Creed's Proof of Evidence

Mark Strutt's Proof of Evidence

Philip Smart's Proof of Evidence

Rosalind Tate's Proof of Evidence

William Osbourn's Proof of Evidence

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