Approach your neighbour

Sometimes neighbour noise problems can be resolved by having a polite word with your neighbour.

You may wish to follow these steps:

1. Assess the situation. Before you do anything, take a few minutes to collect your thoughts: 

  • What is the noise and how bad is it?
  • Is the noise a one-time or occasional problem, or is it frequent?
  • How is the noise affecting you?
  • How would you like the problem resolved? What specific actions do you want taken?

2. Talk to your neighbour. Your neighbour may be unaware they are causing a problem.

  • Be courteous and polite. Explain the situation factually.
  • Mention specifically what outcome or result you would like.
  • Suggest an alternative or compromise. Could they use headphones? Could they keep it down after or before certain times of day?
  • Keep your safety in mind. If you are at all concerned about your safety or you do not know your neighbors, take a friend or neighbour along. Walk away if you feel at all threatened.

3. Take notes. Record the outcome of the conversation with as many facts and details as you can recall. Careful notes of your actions can help your case if the problem becomes an ongoing one or you need to make a formal complaint later.


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