Current Traffic Regulation Orders

There are currently permanent Traffic Regulation Orders which restrict the width, and which therefore prohibit motor vehicles over a stated width, from using the following Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs): 

• BA15/3 which runs from Prior Lane south to Wilmington Hill in the parish of Marksbury (grid reference ST 680 624). 1m (3'3") width restriction. Prior Lane TRO.

• The section of CL17/41 (Ringspit Lane) which runs from Hurley Hill/A37 east to Blackrock Lane in the parish of Publow with Pensford (grid reference ST 619 655). 1m (3'3") width restriction. Ringspit Lane TRO.

• BA8/87 and CL17/34 (Birchwood Lane) which runs from Woollard Lane south to Birchwood Lane in the parishes of Compton Dando and Publow with Pensford (grid reference ST 633 636). 1m (3'3") width restriction. Birchwood Lane TRO.

• BA20/18 & BA11/22 which runs from Mill Lane in Priston east to Stitchings Lane in the parishes of Priston and Englishcombe (grid reference ST 698 613). 1m (3'3") width restriction. Mill Lane TRO.

• CL23/41 (Burledge) which runs from Burledge Lane east to Burledge Common in West Harptree (grid reference ST 579 584). 1.5m (5') width restriction. Burledge TRO. 

• CL3/82 which runs from Waterloo Farm Lane north to Claypit Road in Chew Magna (grid reference ST 581 657).  1.5m (5') width restriction. Waterloo Farm Lane TRO.

For details of the restrictions please contact Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Public Rights of Way Team on 01225 477650 or by email on Thank you for your co-operation.


CL23/41 Open Days

The Bath and North East Somerset Council (Byway Open to All Traffic CL23/41, Burledge) (5 Feet Width Restriction) (Prohibition of Motor Vehicles) Order 2012 prohibits all vehicles greater than 5 feet in width from being driven over BOAT CL23/41 in West Harptree. This prohibition will be suspended on the following weekends to allow members of the public to use the byway with vehicles wider than 5 feet:

  • 15th and 16th April 2023
  • 24th and 25th June 2023
  • 25th and 26th November 2023

Please note that under the above order all motor vehicles at all times are prohibited from being driven or ridden off of the stoned surfaced track, including the above weekends when the remainder of the byway is open to all users.  Thank you for your co-operation.


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