The Council has the power to temporarily close public rights of way by making Traffic Regulation Order, but only for certain reasons. If it is done for a third party the costs are usually re-charged. A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is made by the Council when it is necessary to prohibit or control vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic along the highway. TTROs can be applied to roads, footways or public rights of way. The Council can make a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order to cover planned situations, or can issue an Emergency Notice if regulation is needed without delay.  

TTROs are normally used to allow essential or emergency works to be carried out on the highway, typically installation of, or maintenance works to, services such as gas, electricity, water etc. However, roads can also be closed under the Town & Police Clauses Act, for street parties, etc.  Emergency Notices can be issued by the Council in the case of an emergency, e.g. a serious gas main leak. An Emergency Notice can be issued for a maximum duration of 21 days where public safety is a concern, otherwise, 5 days is the maximum duration.

Applying for a temporary closure

Applications which affect public rights of way should be made to the Council's Public Rights of Way team; applications which affect all other highways should be made to the Council's Traffic Management Team ( The effects of the proposed Order on the wider highway network will be considered and this procedure will take into account many factors.  To make an application, please complete the application form and send it to the address printed at the top.  Alternatively, you can e-mail to request an application form.  The current total fee is £1,486 when applications are made with more than eight weeks notice and £1,772 when applications are made with less than eight weeks notice. 

TTROs are made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, and applications must be made at least eight weeks prior to the desired closure date to allow sufficient time for the Authority to comply with the various legal requirements involved. A consultation process is undertaken with the police, emergency and other services. Initial public notification takes the form of an advertisement placed in the local press before the legal division makes the Temporary Regulation Order.  A TTRO can have a maximum duration of 6 months for a public right of way.



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