The Authority processes a range of legal orders to manage and regulate the use of the public rights of way network in Bath and North East Somerset.  Please follow the below links to find out further information about these orders and how to make an application.

Diverting a path

Information on how to make an application to divert a public right of way including the applicable legal tests and processes. 

Extinguishing a path

Information about stopping up a public right of way.

Current cases

Information about current Public Path Order cases

Statutory Register

The Council maintains an online register of PPO Applications.

Temporary Path Closures

Information on Traffic Regulation Orders to temporarily close public rights of way.

Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders

Information on Traffic Regulation Orders which permanently suspend specific public rights on specific public rights of way.

Public Space Protection Orders

Information on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) which allow locked gates to be erected across public rights of way which experience very high levels of anti-social behaviour.

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