Attachment of Neighbourhood Watch signs to street lighting columns

Bath & North East Somerset council is happy to work with residents to enable the safe attachment of Neighbourhood Watch signs to street lighting columns. We have no objection to such signs being attached to street lighting columns as long as the following stipulations are adhered to:-

  • No signs should be greater than 0.3m² total area as this is the maximum size of attachment that can be safely erected on standard street lighting columns.
  • The sign should be fixed with non-ferrous and preferably stainless steel banding or similar.
  • The sign should be mounted on the column at a minimum height of 2.1m, so as to give safe clearance beneath and around.
  • No signs should be fixed to street lighting furniture which already incorporates any other sign or attachment.
  • Permission must be obtained from the relevant authority before signs are erected on Electricity or British Telecom Poles.

The organisation proposing the attachment will be required to provide Bath & North East Somerset Council with a copy of their organisation's Public Liability insurance certificate which indemnifies the Council against any loss or damage that may be caused through the attachment of such signs. Please be advised that The Home Office and NHWN (Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network) offers free Public Liability insurance to all registered Neighbourhood Watch Schemes which covers such things as street signs, activities and meetings. Visit to view the Policy summary.  

We would also advise contacting your Neighbourhood Watch Administrator via the Police 101 number before proceeding with any signage.


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