Attachment of banners to street lighting columns

Bath and North East Somerset council is happy to work with Parish Councils, Town Councils, Residents Associations, and Chambers of Commerce to enable safe and sufficient attachments to street lighting columns to be applied. Street lighting columns are only designed to enable signs/ banners of attachments sized 0.3m² or smaller to be attached.

Where larger attachments are required, two options are available. These are:

  • Purpose designed columns
  • Structural testing

Structural Testing

Specialist companies can be employed to apply loadings applicable to specific sizes of attachment and prove columns are structurally sound to enable increased loadings to be applied. The capital costs of such testing and associated works will be required to be met by the organisation proposing such an attachment.

By adopting the above approach, public safety can be maintained. Where new columns or structural testing are required, at least 3 months lead in time should be provided in the year that attachments are required.

Attachments will only be approved where the advertising message is not of a commercial nature, and is related to the community proposing such attachments. Planning permissions under the Town And Country Planning Act may also be required. Application for this must be made to the Councils Planning Services Department.

The organisation proposing such attachments will be required to provide Bath and North East Somerset Council with a copy of their organisations public liability insurance certificate which indemnifies the Council against any loss or damage that may be caused through the attachment of such banners.

For further information contact:

Street Lighting, Bath and North East Somerset Council, Floor 2 South,Riverside,Temple Street,Keynsham,Bristol,BS31 1LA.




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