The Council as Highway Authority may provide lighting for the purposes of any Highway or proposed Highway for which they are or will be the Highway Authority under section 97 and 98 of the Highways Act 1980.

The provision of street lighting services within Bath and North East Somerset Councils area is complex. To formally document how services are to be provided, several Policies dealing with specific subject areas have been written which, when read in full, will form an overall effective strategy being provided.

Presently, three elements of the policy have been written, whilst the other sections are yet to be completed. They are as follows:

(Please click any of the titles below to view the policy document. You can also download a printable PDF version of the document from each applicable page)

By adopting this type of framework the formal policies can take on the good practices from the predecessor Authorities and be continually reviewed taking into account the latest developments in social, technology, environmental and political factors likely to effect the provision and maintenance of street lighting services.

The above un-written policies will be developed in the coming months to ensure the current verbal policy is documented and these will be placed before the Councils Executive for formal approval at the appropriate time.

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