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The Project

What is Stamp Around?

There are different orange stampers hidden in various parks and open spaces. Each stamper will stamp a different pattern.

This is a game to see how many different marks you can stamp onto your card.

Get out on your bike, scooter, or on foot, and challenge yourself to find a new stamper in a new park: See how many you can find.

Challenge your friends to find as many as you!

Where do I get a card?

You can download a template using the links below to print your own card, or pop in to one of our One Stop Shops in Midsomer Norton, Keynsham or Bath to pick one up.

Bath Area Stamp Around Card

Midsomer Norton Area Stamp Around Card (& Bishop Sutton)

Keynsham Area Stamp Around Card (& Bishop Sutton)

Which parks have stamps in them?

You can find out which parks have stamps by looking at the maps on the Stamp Cards.   It includes Peasedown-St-John, Bishop Sutton, Paulton, Saltford, Bath, Keynsham and Radstock/Midsomer Norton areas!

You can view and download the current card from the links above.

Some stamps are hard to find so you can click here for a Help Sheet which shows photos of the stamps in each park. Just to help you out, you may like to know that most (not all!) of the stamps are not in the play areas!

Boy Stamping Stamp Around Card 

 Please tweet us pictures of your progress on twitter @Bathnesparks or share on facebook @Fitforlifebanes.

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