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Coronavirus precautions in parks

You are welcome to use parks and green spaces for health reasons as long as you follow social distancing rules, this may even mean not entering a park if it is already busy.

Please follow government advice here


For updates from Bath & North East Somerset Council during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, please go to this page on our website:

Play Areas within B&NES

Play Areas

2019 Play Area Review

Click here to find out more about what's happening at Burnt House Road, Calton Road, Chalfield Play Area, Hillside Crescent, Kilmersdon Road, Loxton Drive, Manor Copse, Parry Close and St Saviours Play Areas


Stamp Around - Make your mark in your park! 

Play is Important

Bath and North East Somerset Council believes that play is an important part of a child's development, as explained in our Play Policy.

We are committed to helping children and young people develop into healthy independent adults by offering the space, facilities and support for them to play. It is in play that children test their beliefs of how the world is made up and how they fit and function within it.We recognise that Children use their landscapes to play in a wide range of different ways and we're beginning to learn more about how natural spaces can be just as important to children as formal play areas.  

Open spaces have to provide exciting and stimulating opportunities for children of all ages to play. Although they are designed to be as safe as possible while still offer good play value they can never be 100% safe.

The risks are carefully and professionally managed and all is done to keep them as low as possible while still maintaining optimum play value for the children.

If you would like further detail on Bath and North East Somerset Council’s approach to carefully managing risk in children’s play please see Playful Risk: Risk Benefit.

Additional Play Areas

Parish and Town Councils also provide play areas, as do the Curo Group (Social Landlord/Housing Association).

Inspection and Maintenance

All Bath and North East Somerset Council play areas are inspected and maintained at RPii weekly, quarterly and annual levels.

Very well used play areas are inspected daily, others 2 or 3 times a week.

Extra Play Space Information

For other ideas and information on about where to play please have a look at our leaflet Places to Play to get some inspiration.

To find the nearest parks to you, simply go our homepage – type your postcode into the ‘Services in Your Area’ box on the right, then click ‘Search’:


Bathnes homepage - 'Services in Your Area'

After a few moments it will show you information in your area.

Click on the ‘My Nearest’ tab.

Then click on Parks and Open Spaces to see which parks are near to you.

Bathnes 'Services in Your Area' - 'My Nearest' tab



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