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Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 November 2021

Celebrating trees in Sydney Gardens and across the Forest of Avon

Find out all about the Tree Weekender

Our fun-packed weekend of walks and activities on the ground in Sydney Gardens, Bath with an additional on-line programme of activities and informative talks, for young and old. 

Open our programme (PDF) / Go to the full list of events on Eventbrite.

- Take the Sydney Gardens Tree Trail created by the Friends of Sydney Gardens. Access a printed trail from the Perspex boxes by the entrance to the park behind the Holburne. Or download the trail online here

- #MapMyForest: Walk, run or cycle the daily area of rainforest destruction.

Sydney Gardens Tree Weekender Poster

Writing Competition - write about trees in parks and public gardens.

Read the Long List of entries on our Medium blog

We invited you to write a poem or story in fewer than 250 words about trees in parks and public gardens - to express in words your feelings, love or respect for those trees, or to tell us something about how they came to be in those parks and public gardens, or how they are cared for and managed, or describe the places from where they came, their histories through their lives?

We know how special trees are and how important it is to have trees in parks and public gardens close to where we live. Tell us about the trees that are nearby to you and what value they bring to your neighbourhood now.

Guidance and rules:

  • Write a poem or story in 250 words or under
  • On the theme of ‘trees in parks and public gardens’
  • Include your home postcode and the name of your local park or public garden
  • Submit your written piece in an email to
  • Free to enter but limited to 2 submissions per person
  • Competition deadlines: Monday 1 November 2021 or when we receive 125 submissions 

Find the full details of how to submit and rules of the competition.

Sydney Gardens Tree Weekender is a partnership project between ReThinking Cities and the Sydney Gardens Project. 

Rethinking Cities run many participatary programmes including the Urban Tree Festival.

Our partners include: The National Tree Council, Bathscape Landscape Partnership, More Trees B&NES, Forest of Avon Trust, The Holburne Museum, Forest of Imagination, House of Imagination, 

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