Volunteers stamping the wildflower seed into the earth

We are very grateful to have volunteers working with us on the Sydney Gardens Project, including The Friends of Sydney Gardens.

We are currently working with volunteers online and in person (following social distancing guidance): designing and creating heritage trails, writing interpretation, documenting the restoration project, gardening, litter picks and social media.

We also run training sessions for volunteers to develop skills associated with our park restoration project, including tour guiding, social media, making a podcast, gardening and conservation.

If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact Susan Palmer the Community Ranger or sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter which lists our activities and opportunities for all ages.

Due to COVID-19, we had to cancel or postpone all our public activities in Sydney Gardens in March 2020.  Much of our participatory programme was designed and planned to take place in the park 'live'. We are continually revising and redesigning opportunities for people to participate in the Sydney Gardens Project, with some activities able to be delivered online.

Read our latest e-newsletter - May 2021

Volunteering opportunities:

There are lots of different ways that you can join the Sydney Gardens Project through giving your time and experience, as well as learning new skills through our training opportunities.  We have everything from gardening to podcasting!

      • Horticulture, Cultivation and Gardening
      • Tour guiding (built heritage) and Walk & Talk leading (natural heritage)
      • Helping to write and design new heritage trails for Sydney Gardens on subjects such as Trees, the history and heritage of the Georgian Pleasure Gardens and Jane Austen in Bath
      • Researching and gathering documentation of the social life of the 18th Century Georgian Pleasure Gardens
      • Events planning and management, as well as assisting at events and activities over the project, including walk and talks
      • Becoming a Dementia Friend or a Dementia Champion
      • Communications: designing publicity, using social media, generating content for digital platforms
      • Assisting Crowdfunding campaigns
      • Collecting and recording the living memories of Sydney Gardens
      • Documenting the restoration project over the three years
      • Creating podcasts about the heritage of the Gardens
      • Community Archaeology
      • Built heritage conservation, both stone and ironwork
      • Recreating the historic Labyrinth in the park
      • Practical sessions to increase biodiversity, species surveys and keeping records of species, habitat management

Training opportunities:

      • Horticulture and Gardening including planting and garden landscape design sessions
      • Species surveys, habitat management and creation to enhance biodiversity
      • Tree identification, management and conservation
      • Setting out and recreating the historic Labyrinth
      • Communications and social media
      • How to run a successful Crowdfunding Campaign
      • Historic conservation including Stone, Ironwork
      • Digital photography skilling up, in still and moving image
      • Oral history collection
      • Tour guiding and leading walks and talks
      • Event planning and management
      • Interpretation masterclass for 'Know Your Place' and generating digital content
      • Dementia Friends training
      • Mentoring others: mental health first aid training, safeguarding and policies

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Something from the past ...

In November 2017, with the help of volunteers, we recreated the historic Labyrinth that was an original feature of the 18th Century Pleasure Gardens, by mowing it into the former Bowls Club Lawn (on the left hand side of the park up from the main entrance) -  watch the short film about recreating the Labyrinth .

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