This guidance has been developed to help ensure new properties in Bath & North East Somerset are provided with the necessary storage, segregation and collection space for the inevitable waste and recycling produced by new homeowners.

It is recommended that this guidance is referred to at the earliest stage of building design. Adequate storage areas for waste management facilities and good access for collection crews is essential and can be difficult to retrofit, and remain in keeping with the development, at later stages in the design process.

The guidance provides the following advice: -

  • Checklist of key requirements
  • Summary of waste and recycling collection services in B&NES
  • Container dimensions
  • Collection vehicle sizes
  • Contact details for further advice

We have produced a printable version of the Waste Planning Guidance

Checklist of Key Requirements

The following checklist is designed to outline the general requirements for waste and recycling provision which should be considered when planning a new residential and/or commercial development.


Clearly demonstrate that there is adequate  access and turning circle space for a refuse collection vehicle (RCV).

*street sweeping vehicles are of similar size to RCVs

Distance of 18.3 to 21.1m is required between the kerbs.

RCV size = 3.8m height, 10m length, 2.5m width. Fully laden weigh approx. 26tonnes.

Overhead cables, archways etc. must be at least 5m from ground.


RCVs must not be expected to reverse into/or back out of a development onto major roads.


Maximum reversing distance of 10m is generally considered safe within a development.

Tracking data showing the safe manoevring of a RCV (dimensions above) around the development is required for review.

Individual properties (townhouses, family homes) 

Indication of the external waste and recycling storage area per property.

Located within the boundary of the property. Provide equivalent space for 140L storage of waste; 200L for recycling.

Indication of the internal space to segregate and store waste and recycling.

13 different types of materials collected for recycling, to be segregated between 3 boxes and a caddy.

Identification of the collection point per property.

Front edge of property, kerbside to the public highway collection policy.

Identification of the route from the storage area to the collection point, including an indication of the distance.


Residential flats, apartments 


Requirement to provide following capacity for single person households:- 70L fortnightly waste and 55L recycling per week.

Therefore waste - 30 flats = 2100L bin

Capacity per week need 2 x 1100L bins

plus 1 x Mini Recycling Centre

Bulk waste bin dimensions (mm) - 1375 width, 1000 depth, 1470 height (2470 lid open)

Recycling dimensions (mm):-

6 x 240 bin = 750w, 620d, 1100h (1750 lid open); = 1x 1100L bin for card

Plan of the bin storage area with containers drawn from situ, to show that sufficient room has been allowed to amnoeuvre each container around.

Residents must not be required to travel more than 30m to bin stores.

Should be well lit and ventilated

Clearly identified collection point.

Crews must not be required to manoeuvre bins more than 12m to highway.

Route to collection point and indication of the distance between storage area and collection point (only applicable where the bin store is not also the collection point)

Dropped kerb access to highway point, ground level / no steps, max 1:12 slope, any walkway / path is hard-standing (not gravel) and has max width of 1.3m.

Indication of lighting, drainage and ventilation provisions (where required) on plans for bin storage areas.

Hard standing ground level, 1.1m door width. No gravel.

Screened and landscaped, where feasible

Student blocks - as above with the below amended capacity provision

Requirement to provide the following capacity for student blocks: - 70L fortnightly waste per week per 6 students, and at least 55L recycling per week.

Therefore waste: 160 students = 1870L capacity per weekneed 2 x 1100L bins plus 1 x Mini Recycling Centre

NB - Where a greater capacity is anticipated, provision must be made within bin areas for additional bins to be collected on a chargeable commeercial arrangement

Bulk waste bin dimensions (mm) - 1375 width, 1000 depth, 1470 height (2470 lid open)

Recycling bin dimensions (mm) : -

6 x 240L bin = 750w, 620d, 1100h (1750 lid open); + 1 x 1100L bin for card

 Commercial developments


Indication of the waste storage area per premises

Allow storage area for sufficient number of bulk bins for waste dependant on size/type business, and yellow soace for segregation of recycling.

All above bin store points apply. 

Indentification of the collection point per property

Dropped kerb access at highway point, ground level / no steps, max 1:12 slope, any walkway /  path has max width of 1.3m.

 Mixed-use developments


All of the inforamtaion required for the sections above on residential and commercial developments should be differentiated by colour coding.

Residential and commercial waste must be stored seperately, using different bin areas.



 Collection services in B&NES

Please note that three separate collection vehicles are used to provide householders with the following collection services on the same day of the week.

1  Refuse collection – every other week collection from front edge of the property, where the property boundary meets the highway.  A 140L wheeled bin will be provided from the autumn of 2017 (a small number of larger wheeled bins will be provided for those who qualify).

2  Recycling Collection – weekly service from the front edge of the property, all individual dwellings are provided with the following:-

  • Green box (55L) for the collection of paper, glass bottles and jars, a range of household plastic bottles and packaging, food / drink cans, batteries, clothes and shoes, aluminium foil, engine oil and filters, spectacles,  mobile phones, printer and toner cartridges.
  • Blue woven bag (90L) for the collection of cardboard by the kerbside recycling service. Any cardboard left out for recycling needs to be contained within the blue bag or tied together with string.
  • Food waste bin (23L) and kitchen caddy (5L) for the collection of food waste. The resident is provided with a 5 litre kitchen caddy for internal storage and a lockable 23 litre outside container which the food waste is collected from. 

3  Garden Waste Collection – fortnightly (chargeable) service from either a 240L wheelie bin or Council pre-paid paper sacks.

For multiple occupancy properties (flats) with communal bin stores, a site visit by a member of the waste operations team would be required before collections could start. In general the following arrangements are put in place where appropriate:

Communal refuse – weekly collection from either dustbins or bulk bins (1100L) which would need to be purchased by the management company.

Recycling - Mini Recycling Centres (MRCs) are installed which consist of 6 x 240L wheelie for glass, paper, plastics and cans, and if sufficient space, 1 x 1100L bin for cardboard. These bins are provided by the Council.


Container dimensions



Dimensions (mm)

Floor Space req. (mm)

Example Image


55 litre recycling box



Width – 590

Depth – 395

Height – 375





600 x 405

23 litre

food waste outside


Width – 320

Depth – 345

Height – 405

Height with lid open - 760



330 x 355




5 litre

food waste kitchen caddy


Width – 270

Depth – 205

Height - 205


These are likely to be kept in a kitchen cupboard or on a worktop



140 litre wheeled bin


Width – 560

Depth – 480

Height – 1100



600 x 600


240 litre wheeled bin




Width – 750

Depth – 620

Height – 1100

Height with lid open – 1750




950 x 820


Image result for green 240L wheelie bin


360 litre wheeled bin




Width – 620

Depth – 860

Height – 1100

Height with lid open – 1750




820 x 1060


1100 litre wheeled bin




Width – 1375

Depth – 1000

Height – 1470

Height with lid open - 2470




1575 x 1200




Mini Recycling Centre (MRC) - design layout


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