Our Waste Campaigns Team work to let people know about our services and why it's so important to reduce, re-use and recycle. We work with residents, community groups, schools and universities.  We run events, roadshows and campaigns to raise awareness of particular services and projects. Our latest leaflet is available to download in the documents on the right of this page. Please follow the links below to find out more.


Food waste recycling campaign 2020

Since the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of this year, Bath & North East Somerset Council have seen a huge rise in rubbish produced, with food waste making up 30% of what is thrown away in household rubbish bins. During November and December 2020, our waste team will be running a food waste project trial in selected areas of Keynsham for a period of six weeks.

The campaign roll-out will involve a total of 229 householders in the Keynsham area with low participation rate. The waste team will monitor the 229 households to gather information on how many are not using the food waste recycling service. A range of measures will be used to try and increase food waste recycling rates in the selected areas of Keynsham.

If you are new to food waste recycling or already recycle your food waste but need a replacement food waste caddy or bin please order one by clicking here.


Recycle your electricals 'Hypnocat' 


"Hypnocat" - Recycle Your Electricals

We’re puurrrroud to support Material Focus’s brand new ‘Recycle Your Electricals’ campaign.

The nationwide campaign has enlisted the help of Hypnocat who will use his powers of paw-suasion to get everyone recycling their old electricals.

Did you know a massive 75% of all materials in your old electrical items can be recycled and turned into useful things like life-saving equipment, children’s playground, and even new electricals?!

Small, old electricals are one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the UK and in the world with 50 million tonnes of electrical waste thrown away annually across the globe, and that is set to triple by 2050. The total number of cables hoarded in UK homes (140 million) could circle the earth more than 5 times!

How to get involved:

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled. Once you have decided that you want to recycle an old electrical, follow the ABC rule:

Ask yourself whether your old electrical item contains batteries or bulbs? They need to be removed before recycling. With computers or smart devices remove the memory and SIM cards and delete your data.

Bag – get a bag ready to place your items in. You can then place the untied bag out with our green recycling box on your next collection date.

Check what small electrical items can be recycled here.

Share your pictures, videos and stories of the electricals you’re recycling with the hashtags #RecycleYourElectricals #AskHypnocat or tag the campaign on social media:

Facebook: @RecycleYourElectricals 

Twitter: @RecycleElectric

Instagram: @RecycleYourElectricals_

Find out more about the impact of recycling your electricals on the Materials Focus website.

More about Material Focus and the Recycle Your Electricals campaign

Material Focus (formerly the WEEE Fund), is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to stop the nation throwing away or hoarding all their old small electricals. Material Focus has launched the new UK-wide Recycle Your Electricals campaign.

The campaign will reveal the value hidden in electricals and will make it easier for us all to recycle and reuse the small electricals we no longer need by providing more recycling points as well as providing practical information on how households can recycle.

The campaign is funded by producers of electrical appliances. The UK government sets annual targets for the recycling of all waste electricals, including small electricals. If producers of electrical appliances don’t meet this target, then they contribute towards a fund (WEEE Fund).

During 2017 and 2018 £10.6 million was collected for the fund, which pays for a range of activities, including communications, behaviour change activities, increased recycling projects and research. Ultimately the aim is to support actions that will help the UK increase the levels of reuse and recycling of waste electricals.


Did you know that over 80% of ‘waste’ in the average primary and secondary school bin is recyclable? (WRAP report 2008) In Bath and North East Somerset we offer a comprehensive recycling and rubbish collection service for schools along with free activities for schools to encourage green behaviour from an early age.

The environment, climate change and sustainability are all highly topical subjects in the world today. They are an intrinsic element of the curriculum (including GCSE exam papers) and other aspects of school life. Learning about waste is one way to engage students with environmental issues and encourage them to take practical action at home and at school.

For more information on recycling in schools, email wastecampaigns@bathnes.gov.uk 


Raising awareness of how people can play their part in helping you to recycle more is a crucial part of our work. Every tonne we can save going to landfill saves the public purse from expen will answer your queries and provide practical tips help you recycle even more. Please see below for venues and dates - we are adding to these throughout the year.

We also offer practical advice to help you make the most of your weekly food waste recycling collection, and how to line your food waste caddy with everyday plastic bags and newspaper.

We are also happy to offer free recycling talks to community groups - contact us at wastecampaigns@bathnes.gov.uk

Bath Repair Cafes 

Big news! Bath Repair Cafes will be running their first Repair Cafe since March at Southdown Methodist Church (BA2 1NJ) on 5 September. It will be a bit different to before...

Here's how it will work:

  • You'll need to book in your item here: bit.ly/SouthdownRepair
  • You'll need to put your item in a bag for three days before you bring it along.
  • There will be screens and sanitiser
  • Just one person per item please
  • If it's busy they may ask you to wait in your car until your repairer is ready
  • Unfortunately they can't serve refreshments at this time

Don't forget, they still have their one-to-one repair sessions going on in the shop too if you can't make it to Southdown.


Got a broken toaster? Or a torn pair of trousers? Share & Repair runs regular Repair Cafés in Bath and North East Somerset so there’s bound to be one near you. You can find our skilled volunteers at:  

We also support the Keynsham Repair Café (second Saturdays).

 If you have an item that is broken or needs adjusting, bring it along to the Bath Repair Café! Come and learn how to fix items yourself with the help of a team of volunteer repair experts, all free of charge. Find out more https://shareandrepair.org.uk/

Bath Library of Things 

Bath's Library of Things is a place where you can borrow useful things for your home, projects and adventures. They will take all offers of good quality new or second-hand items.  You can visit Bath's Library of things at 8 Broad Street, Bath BA1 5LJ and they're open Mon, Wed, Fri 10-1pm & Saturday 10-12 noon.  To view their current wish list click here. If you think you have something that would be good (whether it’s on the wish list or not), get in touch at hello@shareandrepair.org.uk or call us on 07486 518197. To find out how you can register and see what you can borrow, please click here


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