We welcome all students to Bath and hope you will help us recycle as much as you can whilst you live here. Please read on for more information about recycling on and off campus.  For more information please go to rubbish and recycling

We collect your recycling and rubbish on the same day of the week but by different vehicles.  The food waste and recycling collections are weekly. The rubbish and garden waste are collected fortnightly on alternate weeks. All your rubbish must be presented in a Council wheeled bin or re-usable rubbish bag depending on your property. 

Living in university accommodation (on or off campus)

There's lots you can recycle if you are living in university accommodation.  You will find the most up to date information on your university website.

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We'd like you to recycle as much as possible. Everything we collect is recycled back into a wide range of products that can be used over again. For a summary of your collections see our Welcome leaflet. You can print a copy from the PDF file on this page or see our table below.

If you are living in private accommodation off campus, your recycling and rubbish is collected by the Council.  You can recycle over 17 different materials every week. This should help you reduce what you have to put out for your rubbish collection.

Food waste, recycling, rubbish and garden waste are collected on the same day. Recycling and food waste is collected every week. Rubbish and garden waste are collected every other week on alternating weeks. Please go to Order a container or contact Council Connect councilconnect@bathnes.gov.uk to order any of the following containers. 


Container What you can recycle


Green Box

Paper, cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, glass bottles and jars, foil, clothes and shoes, spectacles, batteries, car batteries, engine oil, mobile phones, ink and toner cartridges. You can recycle small electrical appliances that will fit into a carrier bag - please place next to your green box. 

Blue bag

Blue bag

Cardboard, brown paper, food and drink cartons.

food waste containers

Black food waste bin (and kitchen caddy)

All kinds of food waste - raw or cooked, including bones, tea bags and scrapings from your plate.

Rubbish collections

Rubbish is only collected from the Council’s wheeled bins or re-usable rubbish bags.  The rubbish must fit fully inside the bin/bag (so that the lid shuts properly). You must not put out extra bags – these will not be collected.  If your property has a re-usable bag you must put your rubbish in tied black sacks before putting these in your re-usable rubbish bag. Only items that you cannot recycle should go into your rubbish. It is your responsibility to keep your property clear of rubbish and your street clean of mess.

How to put your recycling and rubbish out for collection

  • Please put your containers out by 6am on your collection day (or after 8pm the night before), at the front edge of your property where they can easily be seen by our crews. 
  • Please bring them back in as soon as you can after emptying. Do not leave bags on the steps or railings. Please note you must only put your recycling and rubbish out on the day of collection or you could be liable to a fine.
  • At the end of term, please be considerate to your neighbours and avoid leaving piles of rubbish behind by planning ahead and remembering to put your rubbish out for collection on the right day and time.  Large items should be taken to the Recycling Centres (see below).
  • We collect recycling and rubbish as usual on all bank holidays except over the Christmas and New Year period. We update our website with changes for Christmas and New Year collections. Go to Bank Holiday Collections for more information.

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Moving in or out?

Student move out campaign logo

Moving out in the summer?

Our Student Moving Out campaign gives advice to students to help them leave their properties in the right way, without causing problems with their neighbours. This also includes information about rubbish and potential noise issues.

For advice on how to plan ahead when you move out at the end of term or year please visit http://www.townandgown.org.uk/moving-out-information We arrange roadshows where you can get tips and advice to plan your move out successfully. For more information please go to our Roadshows page. 

See more information about how we support students moving out http://scpbath.org.uk/news/move-out-support-for-students/

Finding furniture and other large items

Websites: You can find free items such as furniture and appliances on websites such as Freecycle.

Charities: Charities such as the Genesis Furniture Project and The SOFA Project sell second hand furniture and appliances - see below for more details.

Events:  Make sure you also look out for our Furniture Sales and Give and Take Days which are advertised on our Events page.

Disposing of larger items

Recycling Centres

You can take large items of furniture and appliances to our Recycling Centres free of charge.  They are also useful places to visit if you are having an end of term clear out. For more information on the sites, opening times and what we accept, please go to Recycling Centres.

In Bath, the nearest Recycling Centre is at Midland Road, Bath, BA1 3AT (opposite Royal Victoria Park).  Please ensure you bring your student ID card when you visit, to prove you are a resident. Please make sure you separate and recycle the items you bring to the site.

Council bulky waste collections

We can collect larger household items such as fridges and furniture from the outside of your house for a charge. Find out more go to Collection service for large items.

Donations to charity

The following charities will take certain items of furniture and appliances for free at their discretion. You can also buy furniture and electrical appliances from them:

The Genesis Furniture Project Tel:01225 421111 Email: furniture@genesistrust.org.uk website: http://www.genesistrust.org.uk/

The SOFA Project Tel: 117 9543567 Email: info@sofaproject.org.uk Website: http://www.sofaproject.org.uk/

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Like us on facebook for tips and hints to help us recycle more, follow the link in the icon to find our page or visit www.facebook.com/recycleforbathnes

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