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We offer a choice of weekly waste collections for a charge.

Collection services

Schools can choose whether they would like their collections to be term-time or all year round.

  • Food waste; all food waste can now be collected in our lined 140 litre wheeled bins, including cooked and uncooked food, meat and bones, plate scrapings, bakery, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. This is a weekly service, with a clean wheeled bin liner provided every week after collection. We can also supply a number of smaller food waste bins for internal use around your school to collect food waste as it occurs. To introduce food waste recycling at your school email wastecampaigns@bathnes,
  • Composting; for more information about setting up and using a compost bin  in your school see the Recycle Now website
  • Paper and cardboard; we offer a mixed collection for paper and cardboard, loose in 240, 660 or 1100 litre wheeled bins. Collections include brown paper, cardboard, office paper, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, shredded paper and junk mail. We cannot take art paper e.g sugar paper, tissue paper or paper covered in glue.
    • Paper can also be collected in clear sacks (minimum order of 20).
    • Smaller amounts of cardboard (and brown paper) can be collected packed flat in one box with a pre-paid sticker (minimum order of 20).
  • Plastics and cans; we offer a mixed collection for plastics and cans in 240, 360, 660 or 1100 wheeled bins. Suitable items include rinsed plastic items such as bottles and yogurt pots, along with rinsed metal items including food tins (from the kitchen) and drinks cans. Plastics and cans can also be recycled in clear sacks (minimum order of 20). Ask about our monthly plastic and cans sack collection.
  • Glass; mixed glass bottles and jars of all colours can now be collected in 240 or 360 litre wheeled bins.

Rubbish collections; a choice of lilac sacks, 660 or 1,000 wheeled bins are available for non recyclable waste.  The first bin is provided for free-charges apply for further bins.

Get your school engaged

It’s really important to make sure that everyone in the school is involved and knows what to do with their waste and particularly the recycling options available. This might include:

  • Briefing both teaching and non-teaching staff about what to do with any waste created during lessons/ activities;
  • Holding an assembly on recycling - our Waste Services Team would be happy to help;
  • Ensuring there are signs up around the school making clear what can be recycled; find examples of posters and signs on the Recycle Now website
  • Adopting greener behaviour that will save your school money, like printing on both sides of your paper and setting aside a scrap paper tray.


Get in contact with us

For any of the services listed above, details of charges or problems with your collection if you are an existing customer please get in touch with Council Connect or email

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