An Introduction to the Joint Local Access Forum
Bath and North East Somerset Council, Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council have joined forces to form a Joint Local Access Forum (JLAF). The JLAF provides independent advice to the three Councils on improving public rights of way and other access in the area.  The JLAF has 18 voluntary members; that is, one Councillor from each authority involved and 15 other members with a variety of interests, including those of land managers and those of users. The JLAF was established in July 2003 pursuant to a duty set out by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. This Act also contains provisions on Access Land and on Rights of Way Improvement Plans.  The Chair of the JLAF is David Waterstone.
Upcoming JLAF Meetings 
The next JLAF Meeting will be held at 2:00pm on Friday, 7 November 2014 at Bath & North East Somerset Council's new Civic Centre in Keynsham. 
Papers for the next meeting:
Agenda - available 24 October 2014
Background Papers- available 24 October 2014
Future meeting dates
2:00pm on 7 November 2014
2:00pm on 6 March 2015
2:00pm on 3 July 2015
 Minutes of Past JLAF Meetings
Minutes of older meetings are available upon request.
Members of the JLAF
Appointments to the JLAF are made so that there is a balance between landowner, user and other interests within the membership.  Membership appointments are reviewed once every two years and there are then opportunities for new applications to be considered.  You can submit an application at any time and it will be considered at the next recruitment, currently planned for spring 2016.  The list of current members of the JLAF is available here and members' expenses claim forms can be found here.
Any queries relating to the Joint Local Access Forum can be directed to Graeme Stark, Interim Secretary to the JLAF on 01225 477650 or via email at


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