Who can deliver Theraplay?

Here in B&NES we have a range of practitioners offering Theraplay at different levels (See the B&NES offer). Check with your provider what level of Theraplay is being offered:

  • ‘Theraplay Informed’ Practice - attended Level 1 training
  • ‘Group Theraplay’ in Early Years Settings and Schools - attended Level 1 or Group Theraplay training
  • ‘Sunshine Circles’ - attended Level 1, Group Theraplay training or supported by a practitioner who has attended training
  • Theraplay® as a therapeutic intervention should only be delivered by practitioners who have: 
  • attended Level 1 Theraplay training
  • joined The Theraplay Institute’ s professional practicum. 

(These practitioners will be working towards Foundational Level, Intermediate Level or Certified Level and will be in receipt of high quality Theraplay Institute Supervision.)


Theraplay Leaflet- for parents

Bright start leaflet 

Theraplay touch 


Theraplay Flowchart 

Adoption support pathway

Theraplay pathway triangle 

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