The Councillor Call for Action (CCfA) was introduced in 2009 through the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act (2007). The CCfA gives Councillors a formal way to ask an Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel to investigate an issue in their Ward.

A CCfA might be used when all the other options used by Councillors to resolve issues in their Wards, have been unsuccessful e.g. speaking to relevant Officers or local partners, raising the issue with Cabinet members etc. 

If the panel feels a Councillor has tried all other options, they will include the item on their next panel meeting and encourage everybody involved with the issue to attend the meeting to discuss it. It's hoped that by providing a forum for open discussion, the panel will be able to come to find a way forward.  

The principles of the CCfA are that:

  1. All decision making should be transparent and that Policy Development and Scrutiny should have a role to play in this process.
  2. The CCfA is there to identify and recognise the need to resolve issues through discussion.
  3. An understanding of the role that Scrutiny can play to help a Council to improve services.
  4. It provides an opportunity to promote the role of Ward Councillors as champions and leaders of their communities.

If you have an issue in your ward you may wish to contact:

If you would like further information about the Councillor Call for Action please contact the Policy Development and Scrutiny team.

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