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Welcome to the Policy Development and Scrutiny webpages.

The main decision making powers in Bath & North East Somerset Council lie with Eight Councillors who sit on the Cabinet.  Overview and Scrutiny is the legal name given to the system of checks and balances implemented by the rest of the Councillors as they monitor the activity of the Cabinet and also assist them in developing policy. In Bath and North East Somerset, this function is known as ‘Policy Development and Scrutiny’ and is carried out by five Panels.

To find out more about what each Panel has the remit to scrutinise, please have a look at the Panel remit webpage or to find out which Councillors and co-optees sit on the Panels, please have a look at the Committee structure webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Annual Reports:

For more information about Policy Development and Scrutiny, please read one of our FAQ documents which cover the following topics:

You can also find out more about the types of reviews and investigations undertaken by the Panels by having a look at our review archive

How To Get Involved:

Policy Development and Scrutiny key functions:


  1. To assist the Council and Cabinet in the development of new policy
  2. To assist the Cabinet by giving comments on issues identified as "Key Decisions" prior to a decision being made
  3. To contribute to major service reviews at scoping and "key issues" stages
  4. To assist the Cabinet by giving comments on selected Service & Budget Plans at their draft stage


  1. Scrutinise performance management information to ensure that the Council is performing to agreed targets and to agreed Action Plans
  2. Determine "call-ins" of decisions made but not yet implemented by the Cabinet or an officer
  3. Scrutinise particular "Key Decisions" and other aspects of Cabinet activity to ensure compliance with agreed Council policies and plans.
  4. Evaluate the impact of Council and or Cabinet decisions and policies


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