Q: Can I get information and support about starting a business or social enterprise in Bath & North East Somerset?

A: Yes. The Council’s Business Growth Team is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and grow enterprises. The team funds business support and advice sessions, performs bespoke commercial property searches and can help guide you to the most suitable business service providers, both council and external. The team also manages the Invest in Bath website which contains sections on workspace, support as well as the latest business news.

The Business Growth Team can be contacted by tel: 01225 394285 or email: investinbath@bathnes.gov.uk

Q: I need to undertake some research on the local economy, business sectors or demographics to help with a new or existing business. Can you assist me?

A: Yes. The Business Growth Team can help you access economic, business and demographic data in order to inform your market research and business planning. We can also guide you to the right business support organisations that can help you make the best use of this data in putting together a business plan.

Contact the Business Growth Team on tel: 01225 394285 or email: investinbath@bathnes.gov.uk

Q: Can you help me understand certain definitions or terms relating to running a business?

A: We can’t offer legal advice but can certainly help you understand the correct business terms. Please contact the Business Growth Team on tel: 01225 394285 or email: investinbath@bathnes.gov.uk

Q: I have a question about a business or product, such as where the company is based, or which companies supply a certain product. Can you assist?

A: The council cannot directly answer these types of questions for you. The majority of questions on this subject can be answered through an online search. All Bath & North Somerset Council libraries provide computers for the public to use, free of charge.

Q: Can you help with a directory enquiry?

A: We cannot perform directory enquiries on your behalf. Telephone numbers for company headquarters and branches can be obtained using an online search. Alternatively you can call a one of the many telephone directory enquiry providers.

Q: Where can I go to search for information about a company or director?

A: Companies House is the primary online source of free information on companies, including full accounts and list of directors. You can perform a search online, or contact Companies House by telephone: 0303 123 4500.

Businesses with different legal structures (such as self-employed) will not be included in the above data set; it is recommended to perform an online search to get the required business information in this instance.

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