Anyone transporting any live vertebrate animals inside the European Union, and between Member States and third countries on journeys of over 65 kilometres (approximately 40 miles) as part of an economic activity, must hold a valid Authorisation to do so.

There are two types of Authorisation now available:

  • a short journey Authorisation (Type 1) for journeys over 65km and up to and including 8 hours duration.
  • a long journey Authorisation (Type 2) for journeys over 65km and over 8 hours duration. A long journey Authorisation will also cover short journeys.

Transporters must either carry their Authorisation certificate or a copy of it whenever transporting animals.

  • Authorisation Certificates are issued by Animal Health.
  • Authorisations last for 5 years unless revoked or suspended, or it may have conditions imposed upon it within this period if there are infringements of any requirement of the Regulation or the relevant Welfare of Animals (Transport) Orders/Regulation.

Anyone requiring an Authorisation will need to submit an application. More information, including guidance notes explaining who requires an Authorisation, what conditions they have to meet, and how to apply are available on the Defra website.

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