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The Green Skills Academy is a joint venture between City of Bath College and Norton Radstock College, supported by B&NES Council, to deliver quality training and up-skilling opportunities to the people of Bath & North East Somerset.
Each college provides a training hub, focusing on a particular skills set – City of Bath College delivering training in renewable technologies and Norton Radstock College providing courses on sustainability and the built environment.


Mission Statement

Why are we here?Renewable Energy Sources

The Green Skills Academy has been established to improve training opportunities for the unemployed, young people and Small/Medium Enterprises in B&NES by focusing on emerging renewable/sustainable technologies and skills.

What are we doing to address these needs?

City of Bath and Norton Radstock Colleges are working in partnership to offer a fantastic range of training courses and development routes, many of which will boost chances for employment and progression within the renewable and sustainable sectors.

What principles or beliefs guide our work?

In this time of environmental and economic change, we will prepare learners with skills and knowledge for life in a competitive sector. We will equip learners for a workplace that needs well trained individuals with skills and qualities to provide an excellent service.

Why turn to the retrofit market?

By trading in the retrofit market, new doors can be opened to new clients that lead to an increase in your company’s client base, which additionally gives an increased profits margin. It also allows there to be an increase in the knowledge and skills base available in your workforce.



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