New River Rescue Cabinets

Bath and North East Somerset is the first place in the UK to install secure river rescue cabinets. The first 14 cabinets have been installed along the stretch of river from Windsor Bridge to Pulteney Bridgen in Bath city centre. The specially designed cabinet will ensure that the equipment cannot be damaged or stolen and will be there in an emergency. Avon Fire and Rescue will be immediately alerted of any incidents, so that they can send help.


As part of its commitment to improve safety along the River Avon,  Bath & North East Somerset Council has produced a short animated film on the newly installed river rescue cabinets, showing where the cabinets are, what they look like and how to use them. The film was produced by the Bath based video production company, Suited and Booted.

The following advice is given, should you see someone in the river:

Infographic on River Rescue Cabinet


• Dial 999 and ask for “Fire” - do not enter the water

If you can see a cabinet, you can help:

• Give the Fire Service the location reference on the front of the cabinet

• The Fire Service will give you a code to open the cabinet using the key code pad

• Inside you’ll find a yellow rescue buoy with a rope attached

• Hold the end of the rope and throw the buoy to the person in the water. Keep hold of the rope until help arrives.

Think about your own safety – don’t walk home alone

This project has been supported by the River Safety Group, with representatives from RoSPA, Avon Fire and Rescue, Avon and Somerset Police, South West Ambulance Trust, The Environment Agency, Canal and River Trust and Bath and North East Somerset Council.










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