Registration applies to the majority of food business, including catering businesses run from home and mobile or temporary premises, such as stalls and vans. You must register your premises at least 28 days before opening – registration is free and cannot be refused. If any changes are made to the business’ venue, management or ownership then you will need to re-register and inform us of these changes. If you have more than one business premises, you will need to register all of them separately. If you are operating a business on a ‘one-off’’ basis (i.e. at an event), you will not need to register.

To complete a registration form online, visit the Food Standards Agency's online Register A Food Business Service at:

Once your registration has been submitted, you will be sent an email from the registration service confirming your registration has been successful, and includes links to important guidance and our contact details. Please ensure you read through this guidance so you understand the legal requirements of running a food business, and make any changes to your business that are needed before your first intervention from us.

If you are unable to access the online service above, you can also complete a registration form over the phone with one of our officers by phoning Public Protection at 01225 477508. You will still receive a confirmation email if a registration is submitted in this way. Paper registration forms can also be requested.

We also operate a New Business Start-Up service, which is a charged service we offer for new food business operators and can help you ensure your business is safe and compliant with the law.

Approved Premises

If you plan to manufacture food using products of animal origin (such as meat, fish, milk and dairy products) and you aren’t exclusively selling the products that you make to the final consumer (i.e. you are wholesaling), then you may need to be undergo a process to become an approved premises. This process is intensive and involves working with our officers to ensure your production methods and premises are safe for wholesaling and distribution. Please be aware that you must not operate a business or process that requires approval before you have gone through this process with us.

For any enquiries about premises approval, please email us directly at

For more information on this scheme, visit the Food Standards Agency’s page on Approved Food Establishments.

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