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Welcome to the School Admissions & Transport information. 

Please use Admissions Online to register and apply

We produce a Schools Admissions Online Guidance for parents which can be viewed from the link on this page and also under documents. The guide contains essential information on how to register and make an application along with a number of useful points should you need further information.

The Admissions & Transport team deal with the arrangements for all bulk admissions and bulk transfer applications and as the local authority is responsible for all community and voluntary controlled schools the team will also process in year applications for these types of schools.  Schools situated in Bath & North East Somerset can be viewed using the links below. We can provide advice about schools, information about your right of appeal, if the school you prefer is full, or information about home to school transport.

From 12 September 2016 you will be able to click here to access our **Admissions Online** website for admissions in September 2017.  You will need to register and then make an application to start in either Reception, Junior (year 3), Secondary (Year 7) or in Year 10 at a Studio school.

The closing date for Secondary applications starting in year 7 in September 2017 is 31 October 2016.

The closing date for Reception and Junior (year 3) applications starting in September 2017 is 15 January 2017.

Starting Primary, Junior or Secondary School for the first time (often known as Bulk Admissions)

This covers children who are either starting school for the first time, transferring from an infant to junior school or transferring from a junior/primary school to a secondary school.  You may have received a transfer letter advising you of the application process if your child's details are held on our database.  Please be aware where we have had no recent updates to a child's record, we reserve the right to check other systems including Council Tax records to confirm the current address. Any application for a school place for a bulk admission or transfer must be made to the Local Authority in which you live even if you are wanting a place at a school situated in a different Local Authority area. 

For further information about the bulk transfers groups please see the relevant sections below.

Please note, schools are not able to make an offer of a school place when it is an application for a bulk transfer group. As mentioned previously all requests for places must be made to your home Local Authority who will deal with your request as part of the co-ordinated admission arrangements.

In Year Admissions

This covers requests for a place in an existing year group at schools within Bath & North East Somerset. All applicants regardless of their home address must send their application form directly to the admission authority of the individual school.  Bath & North East Somerset is the admissions authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools whereas for academy, voluntary aided and foundation schools it is the academy trust/governing body of the school concerned.  See section below for further information regarding In Year Admissions and the separate primary and secondary application forms.

Occasionally parents may consider that their child needs to be taught outside their chronological year group.  Generally speaking it is recommended that children are educated within the appropriate year group for their age however, individual cases can be considered in line with the delayed accelerated admissions policy.  Most requests to delay a child's admission to school come from the parent/carers of Summer Born Children.  Please note that parent/carers of Summer born children do not have a right to enter their child into a different year group, they simply have a right to request that their child is considered for education outside their year group. 

As mentioned in the delayed accelerated admissions policy cases will only be agreed where exceptional circumstances apply and professional agreement has been reached that joining a lower year group is in the best interests of the child.  In view of this the Local Authority would always recommend that parent/carers of Summer born children make a reception application for their child's normal point of school admission (i.e. when they are 4 years old) as when reception places are offered there is an option for parent/carers to defer their child's start date to later in that academic year (January or April).  However, if a place is not taken up by April it will be lost.  Without professional agreement to a delayed admission any Summer born child who did not start school when they were eligible to do so would be joining a school in Year 1 and not in Reception.  Parents would have to make a separate In-Year application for their child and there is no guarantee that a place at a preferred school will be available. 

To talk to someone about school admissions, contact us on 01225 394312.  Due to high volume of applications our telephone lines can be very busy and they are currently open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 5.00pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. Facsimile: 01225 394296.  Email: or write to us at: School Admissions and Transport Unit, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG.

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