bath and North East Somerset Local Development Framework Evidence Base

Important information, please read before accessing any reports.

The Bath & North East Somerset Local Development Framework (LDF) incorporating the Core Strategy and relevant documents of the Regeneration Delivery Plans (RDPs) will have a major impact on the District. This will include altering property values, improving access to housing, jobs, local services and provision of open space. There will be impacts on environmental or cultural assets and how the District contributes to mitigating and reducing climate change. It is therefore essential that the policy framework is based on a robust evidence base. The studies listed below are a starting point and conclusions will need to be tested through the evolution of the Core Strategy. The determination of the soundness of the Core Strategy will be dependent on the Council’s demonstration that the planning policy options selected are founded on an up to-date evidence base and backed up by appropriate information.

A number of topic based studies have therefore been undertaken and others are in preparation. Some of these studies provide data whilst others suggest a strategy to the Council. These strategies will be taken into account in formulation of the council’s policy documents and will be progressively released as they are completed. The publication of these studies is not an endorsement by the Council as the emerging policy documents may or may not accept the recommendations. Furthermore, some of the studies have tested different development scenarios in order to assess the relative impacts. Testing these scenarios does not imply endorsement by the Council.

In preparing the Core Strategy and RDPs, the Council will assess the various recommendations arising from the various topic based studies and formulate a co-ordinated policy framework. The Council will therefore not consult directly on the studies.  Instead, there will be wide community engagement on how the Council responds to the studies through the LDF/RDP work.

These studies will be used to inform the development of the policy and delivery framework up until 2026 and it will be necessary to review them in due course in conjunction with future policy reviews to take account of changing circumstances.  Some of these studies have been prepared within the last few years since when there has been a significant change in economic circumstances. The evolution of this Core Strategy will take time and studies will need reviewing and updating to take account of this change. The developing policy options will need to take account of this change and some of the studies will need to be updated as a consequence.

The list of studies, their scope and availability is set out below.

Use the links below to access information relating to individual studies and documents:

Due to be published

The following studies will be published in the future:

  • Bath & North East Somerset Sport and Recreation Built Facilities - Strategy & Action Plan
  • Bath & North East Somerset Playing Pitch Assessment

For information about these and other studies which have been commissioned or are underway contact the Planning Policy team.


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