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  1. Introduction
  2. The Adopted Core Strategy and the Planning Inspector's Report 
  3. The Development Plan for Bath & North East Somerset 
  4. Policy Maps 

Last updated: 17th May 2016

1. Introduction

This page contains information relating to the Adopted Core Strategy.  Information on the stages that led to the document's adoption, from launch of the document to its submission to the Planning Inspectorate for examination, is available on the Core Strategy History page.

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2. The Adopted Core Strategy and the Planning Inspector's Report

The Core Strategy for Bath and North East Somerset Council was formally adopted by the Council on 10th July 2014. 

The six week period during which a legal challenge to the adoption of the Core Strategy could be raised ended on 22nd August 2014. No legal challenge has been received.

The Core Strategy now forms part of the Development Plan for the District (see below) and will be used in the determination of all planning applications submitted to the Council alongside policies in the Joint Waste Core Strategy (2011) and those saved policies in the Local Plan (2007) not replaced by the Core Strategy.

The Adopted Core Strategy is available below, with other relevant documents:

The Planning Inspector's final report, in which he found the Core Strategy sound subject to a number of modifications, is available below:

Copies of all of the above documents are also available for public inspection, free of charge at the following locations Mondays –Thursdays (9am – 5pm), Fridays (9am - 4.30pm):

  • Council offices:
    • The One Stop Shop, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG
    • The Hollies, Midsomer Norton, Bath, BA3 2DP
    • Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1LA
  • At all public libraries in the District during opening hours, including the mobile libraries

Following the adoption of the Core Strategy, there is a six week period during which any person aggrieved by the Core Strategy could make an application to the High Court under Section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 on the grounds that the document is not within the appropriate powers, or that a procedural requirement has not been complied with.

For information the webcast of the meeting can be viewed via this link and the Council Report can be accessed here (see Item 8).

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3. The Development Plan for Bath & North East Somerset

From 10th July 2014 the Development Plan for Bath and North East Somerset comprises:

  1. The Adopted Core Strategy
  2. Saved policies from the Bath & North East Somerset Local Plan (2007)
  3. West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy (2011) which supersedes all 2007 Local Plan policies on Waste apart from Policies WM.4 and WM.9

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4. Policies Map

A number of policies in the Core Strategy require changes or additions to the existing Policies Map (previously known as the Proposals Map).  The interactive Policies Map is being updated to reflect these changes.  This can be accessed via the top right-hand corner of every page of the Council’s website through the Services in Your Area and ‘My Maps’ function, or directly via this link to the Local Plan map.

In the meantime, the existing Policies Map should be read in conjunction with changes in the interim Core Strategy document. Please note that the Policies Map is being updated to reflect the agreed extension to the South Stoke Conservation Area. 

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