The purpose of the Appraisal

Wellow was recognised as having special architectural and historic interest and was designated as Conservation Area on 14th September 1983. 

The Council has a duty to preserve and enhance the character and appearance of Conservation Areas, and to periodically reappraise the boundaries.  This appraisal will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

'Conservation Area Appraisals' give an overview of the history and development of an area and try to define what it is that makes them special. They also identify specific features which contribute towards their character, for example historic buildings, open spaces, significant views, natural elements and features which help make an area locally distinct. They may even include intangible qualities such as activities, sights and smells which are characteristic of a place. The documents also identify elements that could be improved.

The appraisal can be downloaded from the Documents section below right.

Wellow: Summary of Special Interest

  • The exceptional landscape setting in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 
  • The superb views across the Wellow Valley to the south 
  • The contrast between intimate enclosure and the fine open space of the surrounding countryside 
  • The proximity of Wellow Brook and its tributaries as a landscape feature and formerly a source of power for mills 
  • Steep, narrow lanes leading off the main street 
  • The prevalent use of local Oolitic limestone 
  • The range of buildings of varying status within a small area 
  • High raised pavements 
  • The particular contribution of the natural landscape, especially orchards, mature trees and hedges 
  • Restrained use of road markings, signage and other paraphernalia 
  • High stone boundary walls and walled gardens 
  • Remnants of the industrial past, particularly the disused Somerset and Dorset Railway and associated buildings, and the Somerset Coal Canal

Community Involvement

Public support and involvement is essential to the successful management of Conservation Areas. Following the production of a first draft by Bath and North East Somerset Council, copies of this appraisal and the accompanying maps were provided for the parish council and local Members. A copy was posted onto the Council’s website and a press release sent to local papers. Six weeks were allowed for comments to be submitted, after which the final draft was completed. This appraisal was approved by the Council on 15th August 2007.

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