National Information Requirements -

Information on the National information requirements for planning applications can be found in the Planning Practice Guidance.

Site location plans can be purchased from the Planning Portal website.  These can also be uploaded as part of the Planning Portal online planning application process.

Please read our Best Practice Guide for further information on drawing standards.

Local Information Requirements -

Information on our Local information requirements for planning applications can be found on our Downloadable Forms and Checklists web page.  

CIL Additional Information Requirement Form -

Applications approved after 6th April 2015 may be subject to a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). From January 1st 2015 please submit a fully completed CIL Additional Information Requirement Form with your planning application if the proposal creates floorspace through a new building or conversion/change of use.  Check the advice on completing the form

Further information can be also found on our CIL Guide for Applicants and Developers web page.

Please note - In some cases prior approvals may be CIL liable, please check our guidance to see if you need to submit a Notice of Chargeable Development form.

Design and Access Statements -

A Design and Access Statement will be required for most applications.

Tree Survey -

There may be requirements for a Tree Survey in relation to development.

Local Flood Risk Standing Advice -

Applicants and agents are advised to refer to the Environment Agency’s Local Flood Risk Standing Advice for Bath and North East Somerset before making a planning application.

Environmental Impact Assessments -

View the legislation and guidance on the submission of Environmental Impact Assessments.

Advice for online applications -

To ensure the smooth processing of your online application:

  • Attach all drawings as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. 
  • Photographs can be JPEG file format.
  • No individual file should be larger than 5Mb.
  • File names should reflect the content with a clear description of the plan or document. 
  • Ensure that all drawings include the print (paper) size; the relevant scale at that print size (e.g. 1:100 etc) - Please read our Best Practice Guide for further information on drawing standards.
  • Preferable drawing sizes are A3 or A4.
  • Drawings should be correctly oriented on page.
  • Adhere to the Validation Checklists. 
  • For major applications submitted online, complete the form online and post/deliver a minimum of 2 sets of all the application documentation to Planning Services. Extra copies may be requested for certain applications. In addition, copies of the application documentation should be supplied on CD disc to enable electronic processing. No individual file should be larger than 5Mb.
Advice for hard copy applications -

Only 1 set of paper documents needs to be provided for all applications except majors, where 2 copies will be required. Extra copies may be requested for large scale applications.

Fees - 
  • Most applications require a fee. Please consult the fee sheet to ascertain the correct payment for the proposal.
  • Payment can be made either online through the secure Planning Portal website as you submit your application electronically, using a card over the telephone by calling 01225 394041 option 5 (Please have your Planning Portal Reference number ready when choosing this option) or by cheque (made payable to Bath & N E Somerset Council). When submitting cheques, please ensure you write the Planning Portal Reference number and the site address on the back of the cheque and on any covering letter. Without payment of the appropriate fee, an application is not valid.

Applicants can consider using a planning agent to assist them with their application.  View our published list of accredited agents.

Please note that Dropbox and other related products/services are currently blocked by the council because they are assessed as an information security risk. Applications and associated documents can be submitted electronically via the Planning Portal.

Last updated: 2 March 2016

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