The role of the foster carer is to actively promote the child’s education as valuable and a part of their preparation for adulthood, and support them to achieve their educational potential.

 You need to:

  • Make sure you know who the designated teacher is and keep in touch with them.  They will be your first contact if there are any problems to sort out
  • Agree with the child’s social worker what information the school will be told about the child’s status and how the child will refer to you to their teachers and classmates
  • Make sure the child attends school every day – please note that most schools do not allow holidays to be taken in term time
  • Tell the school if there is a change to travel arrangements e.g. if somebody else will be collecting them on a particular day
  • Be aware of key dates such as term times and exams
  • Attend events and meetings at school, including PEPs.
  • Encourage the child to achieve well and to have high aspirations for example by attending university taster days

How the Virtual School can support you:

  • Advise you on how to work with the school to support the child’s education
  • Explain school systems and qualifications, which can be confusing
  • Attend meetings regarding complex cases
  • Support transitions to new schools if school placements change. 
  • Provide training for foster carers
  • Get involved quickly if there are problems with a school placement

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