Information for parents and carers

The 15 hours entitlement is available for around 40% of 2 year olds nationally

How do I know if my child is eligible?

How many hours can I have?

Once a child is eligible, when does the 2 year funding start?

Can I backdate my funding if I am eligible?

How can I find a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' childcare provider?

Can my child attend more than one provider?

Can I use a provider that is located outside the boundaries of Bath and North East Somerset?

 Further information

  • Once eligibility has been confirmed, your child will remain eligible for the funding until the term after they turn three, regardless of when they take up the funded place.
  • Providers cannot charge you any additional fees for the funded hours, although any extras could be billed for e.g. meals, snacks.
  • If your child attends more than the maximum entitlement per week, your provider is entitled to charge you for the extra hours.
  • If the provider's term is longer than 38 weeks, they are entitled to charge you for the extra weeks.
  • Your provider's fee policy should clearly state the charge for all additional hours offered.


** Apply online here **

If you think you qualify for two year old funding as your child receives Disability Living Allowance (DLA), or is a Looked After Child, please contact our team directly on 01225 394317, and do not use the online checking system.

NB: Data will be shared with our Children’s Centres to help encourage the take up of the entitlement.

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