The knowledge test is a multiple choice test that is taken on a computer.  The test consists of a series of modules and you are required to score a minimum percentage in each module.  If you fail to obtain the required percentage in any individual module then you will fail the test.

You must obtain the required pass percentage in all modules.

The modules consist of the following categories (the Road and Streets module will consist of three options for the correct answer; all other modules will consist of four options for you to choose from):


Example Question

Module Pass Mark Required

Roads and Streets

Dorchester Street is: a) one way traffic; b) two way traffic; c) pedestrianised.



St Stephens Primary School is at ........ ?


Sports Facilities

Weston Bowls Club is at ........ ?


Night Clubs

Club XL is at ........ ?


Public Houses

Volunteer Riflemans Arms is at ........ ?


Hotels and Guesthouses

Aquae Sulis Hotel is at ........ ?


Restaurants and Cafes

Desh Restaurant is at ........ ?


Tourist Attractions

Building of Bath Collection is at ........ ?



Can children under the age of three travel in the rear of a Licensed Vehicle without wearing a seatbelt?

Note:  For this module you are advised to read the information contained within the Drivers Licence Conditions and information regarding Hackney Carriage Vehicles and Private Hire Vehicles located on the Council's web page at

This module may also ask questions pertaining to seat belt regulations for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers and questions pertaining to the law in respect of children under 3 years old and children over 3 years old, as well as adults travelling in the front and rear seats of a Licensed Vehicle. 

Information on the law relating to children travelling in licensed vehicles can be found at

Information on seat belt regulations for drivers of licensed vehicles can be found at


Road Signs

This module consists of a picture of a road sign and you will have four options to correctly identify the road sign.

Note:  For this module you are advised to consult an up to date copy of the Highway Code prior to taking the test.


There is a time limit allowed for the Knowledge Test of one hour.

The examples given on this web page relate to a Zone 1 (City of Bath) Knowledge Test.  

Zone 1 drivers who successfully complete the electronic Knowledge Test will then progress to the practical assessment.  This will involve navigating to four locations within the city of Bath by the most direct and appropriate route.  The four locations will be randomly selected on the day of the test and the initial start point will be the Taxi Licensing Office at Locksbrook Road, Bath BA1 3EL.

Zone 2 (North East Somerset) Applicants

There is a Zone 2 (North East Somerset) Knowledge Test that will be the same format. 

Zone 2 drivers are expected to have an extensive knowledge of the module categories above pertaining to areas consisting of, but not limited to, Keynsham, Radstock and Midsomer Norton and the surrounding areas. 

Zone 2 drivers will also be expected to have a basic knowledge of the city of Bath.  This knowledge will be demonstrated by the applicant’s ability to navigate to four locations within Bath itself on the day of the test.  The locations selected will be basic and may include locations such as:

  • hospitals;
  • transport hubs (bus, train and coach);
  • main leisure or sports grounds; and
  • main tourist attractions.

Zone 2 drivers will not be judged on their ability to navigate the city but on their knowledge of the location and the ability to arrive successfully at that location.

All applicants will be expected to observe the speed limits, road traffic signals and drive in accordance with the law.  Applicants who break the speed limit, or do not obey other traffic regulations, will fail the test.

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