Recycling Centres are provided for residents to dispose of their household waste only.  Business waste is not accepted.

Stop press - we will be making changes at our Recycling Centres from 24 April 2017 to resident, van and trailer permits. We will also be changing limits to some of the materials you can bring to these centres. Details will be updated soon.

To use a recycling centre within Bath and North East Somerset you must have an approved electronic permit.  There is no charge for these permits.

You can apply at any time (through the title links below), and will need to update your details should you move property, or change your vehicle.  Please plan ahead so that approval is granted before you need to use the recycling centre.

There are different types of permit - for all permits you must live in the Bath and North East Somerset area, and the waste must be your own household waste.

Residents Permit

For residents with a car, 4x4, people carrier or campervan

Van Permit

For residents with a van, small lorry or trailer (over 1.8m long).  This includes small service vans, estate vans, transit style vans, box vans, pick-ups and flatbeds - Van permits are limited to 12 visits

Van Permit - Renewal Only

Van permits that have used up their 12 visits will be provided with a PIN number and asked to renew through the above link

Short Term Permit

For residents that are borrowing a vehicle.  When applying, state you do not own the vehicle and we will issue you with a five day short term permit.

Hire vehicles do not need to have a permit, but you must be able to provide evidence of residency and the hire agreement, and have the same restrictions with regards to what residents are able to dispose of.

We aim to process any applications that do not need more information within 2 working days.

Residents of Bath and North East Somerset can only use a van or trailer to dipose of their own household waste when they have an approved van permit.  We will monitor this, and if you attempt to dispose of business waste, we will cancel your permit.

Without a permit you will be refused entry to the sites.

This system is in place at all 3 of our Recycling Centres.

There are limits to the amount of household waste that vehicles can take into a site - our DIY waste and home improvement page gives more details.

The site attendants may refuse entry if you do not have a permit.

Change in circumstances

If you move house or change vehicle, please let us know via  It is important that you do this because other permit holders' visits could be recorded against your permit, and your future renewals could be rejected.

Monitoring the system

We do monitor the usage of the sites and carry out spot checks, so you may be approached by our staff and asked about the type of waste you are bringing to the site to make sure it is not business waste.  Information will be recorded and further action may well be taken if staff suspect that the waste is not your own household waste.

The permit scheme has been introduced to make sure that only Bath and North East Somerset residents use the Recycling Centres and to stop business and commercail waste from being disposed of illegally at the household sites.

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