Recycling Centre

We have three Recycling Centres offering recycling and waste disposal services for local residents.

Now that 75% of the items we accept can be recycled, we stopped calling them the 'tip' or the 'dump' because much less waste gets sent to landfill.


  • Bath; Midland Road (off Upper Bristol Road), Bath, BA1 3AT; Google Map
  • Keynsham; Pixash Lane (off main A4 Bath Road), Keynsham, BS31 1TP; Google Map
  • Midsomer Norton; Old Welton, Wheelers Hill (off Radstock Road A362), Midsomer Norton, BA3 2AA. Google Map

Opening times

Monday - Friday; 8am - 4.15pm

  • Weekends (April - October); 9am - 3.45pm
  • Weekends (November - March); Saturday, 9am - 3.45pm; Sunday 9am - 1pm
  • Bank holidays; 8am - 3.45pm. Closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

To avoid long queues, please try to use the site during weekdays.  At weekends and bank holidays the sites are quieter before 10am.

Permit requirements

Our Recycling Centres are only open to Bath and North East Somerset residents. Entry is via a Recycling Centre Resident's free electronic permit

Want to bring a van or large trailer into to our Recycling Centres? You will need to apply for a free Van Permit.

Materials we take for recycling, re-use, composting or rubbish

Please separate your materials and put in the appropriate containers for recycling, composting or re-use when you visit.

All materials with a * symbol can also be put out for recycling in your weekly collections.




Cement bonded asbestos only - maximum of 3 unbroken sheets, drainpipe/guttering (max size 6ft x 3ft) double wrapped and sealed.  You must call Council Connect 24 hours in advance to book your visit on 01225 39 40 41.


All types including hearing aid batteries.


Those in good condition with large wheels and upright handlebars can be reused, otherwise please place in the metal container.


Reusable books for charity. 

Bric a Brac

Small household items such as ornaments, lampshades, crockery, cutlery, pictures, toys and games in good condition for re-use. Please contact a site attendant on arrival.

Car Batteries*

Please give to an attendant.  Take care when handling.


Including brown paper. Please flatten cardboard and take off any plastic. No food or drinks cartons to be mixed with cardboard.

 CDs and DVDs

Original recordings in good condition for resale (Keynsham Recycling Centre only). Please put in charity book container.

Cooking Oil

Empty into our container and please recycle your plastic bottle. Small amounts of old cooking oil can be soaked into any newspaper or kitchen roll used to wrap your food waste and put in your caddy for your weekly food waste recycling collection.

Electrical Items*

Any item that uses a plug or battery, large or small. You can now recycle your small electricals from home as part of our green box recycling collection service. You still need to take large items to your Recycling Centre - please keep fridges, freezers and the bulkier CRT type TVs and computer monitors separate.

Fluorescent Tubes and Low Energy Light Bulbs

These must be kept separate and unbroken. Fluorescent tubes up to 8ft long can be accepted at Keynsham and Midsomer Norton but Bath can only accept up to 6ft long tubes.


Please rinse. No plastic or paper backed foil such as crisp packets. Real foil will stay scrunched when you squash it.

Food and Drink Cans and Aerosols*

Please rinse. Aerosols must be empty and lids removed.

Food & Drinks Cartons*

Commonly known as Tetra Paks. Please note you can now recycle them from home with cardboard in your blue bag. Please rinse and flatten. 

No longer recycled at our Recycling Centres (but there is a recycling bank where you can take them in Morrisons supermarket car park, London Road, Bath).


Fridges and Freezers

Any condition for recycling. Please see site attendant.


Good condition for re-use.  Please see a site attendant.

Garden Waste

Most plant material from grass cuttings to branches. No soil, plastic bags, garden pots or Japanese Knotweed please.

Gas Bottles

Empty bottles only. Please see a site attendant.

Glass Bottles and Jars*

Please rinse and take off lids. We can't take any other types of glass for recycling such as drinks glasses, window glass and broken glass - you must put these in the Household Waste container for landfill.

Household and Garden Chemicals

Please bring in original secure containers where possible.  Please see a site attendant.

Mobile Phones*

Include batteries and charger if possible.


Some paint may be hazardous. Please see a site attendant


Most types except brown (but this can be put in the cardboard bin). We can also accept Yellow Pages and telephone directories. 


Plaster and gypsum materials only. Please remove all studwork, tiles etc.

Plastic household packaging*

Solid plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays used to contain food and drink. We can't take any black plastic, plastic bags, film or polystyrene.

Printer cartridges*

With or without original packaging.


If you bring your waste in bin bags or other containers you may be asked to show the contents to a site attendant so that we make sure we recycle as much as we can.

Rubble and Soil

Bricks, concrete, ceramics, loose soil (no turf or plastic). Only one car boot load per household.  See DIY Waste Limits.

Scrap Metal

Any item with a reasonable metal content.


Please tie together in pairs and put in bag to keep dry.


Unbroken for re-use.


Please put clean clothes, sheets, towels in a bag to keep dry for reuse. We can't take duvets, sleeping bags and pillows - these have to go in the landfill skip (or you may be able to donate them to local animal charity homes to use for pet bedding).

TVs and Computer Monitors

Any condition. Please take flat screens to the electrical items container.


Whole tyres only, maximum 4 per household.

Used Engine Oil*

Please put filters in a plastic bag. Please see site attendant.

Wood and Timber

Any quality.

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