At Bath & North East Somerset we value our customers and their feedback. You can use the forms below to report an issue, or to submit a complaint, compliment or suggestion about Council services.

To challenge a parking or bus gate enforcement fine, please visit the Parking section.

If you'd like to comment on a current planning application, please use the commenting facility within the online planning application system.

Report it forms

Please use these forms to report an issue with waste collections, roads and pavements, or a problem in your local area.

Complaints form

We aim to provide the best possible service but sometimes things can go wrong. We're committed to putting these situations right and preventing them from happening again. You can use this form to submit a complaint about any Council service, including Children’s Services and Adult Social Care.

Please visit the Children’s Services and Adult Social Care complaints procedure pages for more information about making a complaint about these services.

Compliments and suggestions form

You can use this form to let us know if you’ve received particularly good service, or would like to make a suggestion about how a Council service could be improved.

The People's Award for Exceptional Customer Service

Our annual Staff Awards are our way of recognising and thanking those people who are going the extra mile in delivering excellent services. If you’ve received exceptionally good service from a Council employee (or team), please nominate them for an award.

Respond to consultations

We are interested in your views and regularly consult on a wide range of issues. If you wish to be involved you can take part in current consultations.

What we do with your feedback

All general feedback including complaints, compliments and suggestions are recorded and analysed. More information about what we do with customer feedback is available on the quarterly and annual complaints and customer feedback reports webpages.




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