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Performance intelligence is having the capacity to access, analyse, share and report on a wide variety of information in a prompt and readily understandable manner. This type of intelligence is already widely used by managers across the Council to make better decisions, identify performance challenges and trends, and manage resources more effectively to improve services for local communities and avoid service failures. 

Annual Performance Report

The Annual Performance Report is published each year and outlines the Council's performance against its key priorities for the preceding year. It can be used by members of the public and other interested parties to review Council performance and is written in a manner that should ensure it is easy to understand and use.

If there are any questions or comments on the contents or format of the report, please contact the Council's Performance Team.

Performance Insert (PDF 482 kb)

Quarterly Performance Updates

This section highlights the key performance issues that are reported to Senior Council Officers and Council Members to enable them to monitor and review the performance of the Council against its key priorities on a quarterly basis.

Further information will be published during 2012.


Benchmarking is a self-improvement tool that allows the Council to compare its comparative strengths and weaknesses with others and learn how to improve its performance.  It is especially useful in comparing costs and whether or not a service is providing good value for money. 

Benchmarking data from similar organisations is a useful tool in successfully capturing performance intelligence. Key providers of public sector benchmarking tools include the PwC to assess relative organisational and service level performance, and CIPFA financial statistics to compare value for money and expenditure.

Performance Indicators

Performance Indicators are measures used to provide an indication of our performance against a number of priorities.  They are used as a management tool to allow Officers and Members to review where we need to direct our attention and resources to address issues of under performance by Council Services.

They also allow us to compare our performance through benchmarking against other organisations.

There are many different types of performance indicators, some of which are provided to us by the Government and some that we have developed ourselves to allow us to improve our performance monitoring and reporting.

Data.gov.uk (HM Government)

Value for Money (VFM)

Providing Value for Money (VfM) services is now an important priority for any organisation within the public sector. VfM is an all encompassing phrase for measuring the Efficiency, Economy and Effectiveness of any service, or put more simply, the cost and quality of a service.  Many decisions to provide services are now influenced by in-depth reviews on how much they cost to provide compared with the standard and level of need.

The Council continually strives to demonstrate good Value for Money is achieved for all of its services.

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