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Councillor Allowances 2023-2024


The Bath & North East Somerset Members’ Allowances Scheme was approved by Bath & North East Somerset Council on the date stated in Schedule 1 in exercise of the powers conferred by the Local Authorities (Members' Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 (“the Regulations”).

This Scheme replaces all previous Members' Allowances Schemes.

The Allowances in Schedule 1 are implemented for each financial year with effect from 1st April, and any uplifts or changes to Members’ Allowances are implemented on the same date and by the same amount as officers’ salaries are adjusted, in line with the National Joint Conditions.

Any other amendments to the scheme will be solely determined by the Council following receipt of recommendations from the Independent Remuneration Panel.

In this scheme "Councillor" means a Member of the Bath & North East Somerset Council who is a Councillor; "year" means the 12 months ending with 31 March.


Allowances for Councillors

The Director of People & Policy of Bath & North East Somerset Council is authorised, on receipt of verification from the Head of Legal & Democratic Services of a claim from a Member, to pay the following allowances in accordance with the payment arrangements described in this scheme.

Basic Allowance:  A basic allowance for each year shall be paid to each Councillor, subject to any exceptions or qualifications described elsewhere in the scheme. Schedule 1, Part 1 to this scheme sets out the current rate.

Special Responsibility Allowances: A Special Responsibility Allowance for each year, or part year, shall be paid to those Councillors who have been appointed or recognised by the Council, or have been notified to the Chief Executive or Head of Legal & Democratic Services by their Group as holding the special responsibilities in relation to the Authority that are specified in Schedule 1, Part 1 to this scheme, subject to any exceptions or qualifications described elsewhere in the scheme.

A Special Responsibility Allowance for each year shall be paid to the independent co-opted members of the Avon Pension Fund Committee and its Investment Panel for the amounts(s) specified in Schedule 1, Part 2 of this Scheme, subject to any exceptions or qualifications described elsewhere in the scheme.


Attendance Allowance: No attendance allowance shall be payable under this scheme, either for Council duties per se, or in respect of appointments to outside bodies.

Renunciation: A Councillor may by notice in writing given to the Head of Legal & Democratic Services elect to forego any part of her/his entitlement to an allowance under this scheme.

Part-year Entitlements: In accordance with the requirements of the Regulations, pro-rata payments of Basic Allowance or Special Responsibility Allowances shall be payable to eligible Councillors in any of the following circumstances:-

a)    if an amendment to this scheme changes the amount to which a Councillor is entitled by way of a Basic Allowance or a Special Responsibility Allowance

b)    where the term of office of a Councillor begins or ends otherwise than at the beginning or end of a year

c)    if a Councillor accepts or relinquishes a special responsibility. 

Payment:  Payment of Basic and Special Responsibility Allowances shall be made in equal instalments. The frequency of those instalments shall be monthly. The Authority reserves the right to cease payment or recover any payments which may become recoverable under the provisions of the relevant paragraphs of this scheme.

Travel, Subsistence and Carers Allowances:  Travel, subsistence and Carers’ allowances may be claimed by Councillors as set out in Schedule 1, Part 1 to this scheme.

These claims shall be made at the end of the month following the month in respect of which the claim relates via the online claim system.

Travelling, Subsistence and Dependant Carers’ Allowances

This part is in accordance with Sections 174-175 and Regulations made under the Local Government Act 1972. It applies to Councillors, Co-opted Members and Members of Education Appeals Panels.

Travelling Allowances: Travelling allowances may be claimed in respect of each occasion on which one of the persons described above carries out an Approved duty (Schedule 1, part 3).

If a claimant uses their own motor car or one belonging to a member of her/his family, or otherwise provided for their use and subject to the claimant having the appropriate insurance, the rate for travel, which is the same as for officers using their own vehicles on a casual basis, shall be as stated in Schedule 1, Part 1 to this scheme.

The distance claimed for mileage should be the shortest most reasonable journey by road from the point of departure to the point at which the duty is performed, and similarly from the duty point to the place of return.

Subsistence Allowances: Where absence from normal place of residence is greater than 5 hours, but only in respect of activities outside of the Council's boundaries, subsistence claims will be met on the basis of actual expenditure subject to the following:

·         The expenditure is considered reasonable.

·         Receipts are submitted with the claim.

·         Claimant must be prepared to justify expenditure if asked to do so.

In order to claim subsistence allowance, a claimant must have personally incurred expenditure on subsistence. The amounts that can be claimed are the same as those which apply to officers and shall be updated accordingly.

Councillors and co-optees may aggregate daily subsistence allowances and be reimbursed for such expenditure when supported by receipts.

Where a meal is provided or paid for by the Council during the course of an approved duty the claimant will not be entitled to claim subsistence allowance.

Dependants' Carers' Allowances:  Councillors may claim up to the maximum hourly rate specified in Schedule 1, Part 1 to this scheme in respect of the expenses for the care of their children or other dependants when attending meetings of the Council, its subordinate bodies or other approved duty as described elsewhere in this scheme or carrying out work in their wards within the following categories:-  

·         community meetings (e.g. PACT, residents' associations etc); community consultation; site visits with officers/residents/businesses/voluntary organisations; advertised Ward surgeries held by the Councillor.

Every claim must be supported by a receipt signed by the carer. Every claim must be based on documentary evidence of the duties carried out being in existence and made available by the Councillor if requested.  

Schedule 1 Part 1 – Allowance Amounts

Current year - 2023/24 

Basic and Special Responsibility Allowance – Amounts


Basic Allowance
Special Responsibility Allowances:
Leader of the Council
Deputy Leader of the Council
Cabinet Members
Cabinet Project Lead
Policy Development & Scrutiny Panel Chairs
Chair Planning Committee
Vice Chair Planning Committee
Chairs of Licensing Sub-Committees
Chair Avon Pension Fund Committee
Avon Pension Fund Committee Members

Fostering Panel Member
 Political Group Leaders
 £428 per Member
 Minority Group Leaders
 Chair of the Council
 Vice Chair of the Council


Mileage Allowance

The Council adheres to the HMRC milage rates as website:

Dependent carers’ allowance


The maximum hourly amount allowed to be claimed for any care support should be the Real Living Wage, this figure should be uprated annually based on changes to the Real Living Wage.

Schedule 1 Part 2 – Avon Pension Fund

Avon Pension Fund Committee Independent Co-opted Members 

Special Responsibility Allowance for Independent Co-opted Member(s) of Avon Pension Fund Committee                          

£343 per day for 20 days                    

Special Responsibility Allowance for Independent Co-opted Member(s) of Avon Pension Fund Investments Panel  

£300 per day for 20 days


Schedule 1 Part 3 – Approved Duties

Approved Duties


An approved duty is an attendance by a Member of the Council at:

·         a formal meeting of the Council, the Cabinet, a Cabinet Advisory body, a Non-Executive, Regulatory or Area Committee or Sub-Committee, an Overview and Scrutiny Panel or in pursuance of their duties as a Member Advocate.
·         as a member of the body, as a substitute, as a ward Councillor, as a formally invited witness/speaker or in any other capacity relevant to their community governance role.
·         any informal meeting, seminar or briefing called by the Cabinet, a Cabinet Member, the Chief Executive, a Director, Assistant Director or Head of Service, where the Member has received an invitation to attend from the person calling the meeting.
·         a meeting at which the Member is specifically authorised to attend by the Council, the Cabinet or Cabinet Member, an Overview and Scrutiny Panel or a Committee.
·         a meeting of an external or partnership body on which the Council or Cabinet Member has appointed the Member to serve, except those bodies which pay an allowance direct to their members.
·         any function attended by the Chair or Vice Chair of the Council relevant to their roles in those offices.
·         attendance at Political Group meetings held on Council premises, supported by the Political Group Assistant or Group Support Officer to a maximum of 15 meetings in any one financial year.

·         Attendance at a parish council when there is an issue of relevance to the work of the Council which is of interest to a Councillor within their ward or of interest and relevance to a Portfolio holder within Bath and North East Somerset Council area.

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