Finance Business Services consists of  - Pensions, Exchequer Services (Payments & Income), Insurance, Performance & Banking and Client Finance Team.

Organisation structure of Finance Business Services (contact details including team telephone numbers and email addresses included)


The Avon Pension Fund operates the Local Government Pension Scheme.

The department has staff in benefits processing, pension payroll, systems support and development, accounts and investment monitoring, compliance, communication and training.

Exchequer Services Team:

Responsible for all non payroll payments, including supplier payments, housing benefits, social & education grants, and tax deduction. 

Maintenance of payments and debtor systems, including the training of users.  Credit control and recovery action in relation to outstanding debt.

Insurance, Performance & Banking:

Council wide advice and service with regard to insurance. Ensuring insurance is effectively maintained, planned and monitored. Assessing and administering insurance claims, managing the Council’s bank contract and employee car loans scheme.

Client Finance Team:

Responsible for managing financial needs of residential and non-residential clients.

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