Within the Bath & North East Somerset District, there are nine formal twinning links - click on the links to visit their websites.
Bath Aix-en-Provence France
Bath Alkmaar Holland
Bath Braunschweig Germany
Bath Kaposvar Hungary
Batheaston Oudon France
Bathford Artannes-sur-Indre France
Keynsham Libourne France
Midsomer Norton Ambares-et-Lagrave France
Swainswick Cressy-sur-Somme France

In addition, the Chew Valley has a strong link with Vern-sur-Seiche in France.

The formal links are administered by voluntary Twinning Associations working, where possible, with their local Town or Parish Council. Contact details for the Associations are set out below.

Bath’s Twin Cities

The Charter Trustees of the City of Bath have responsibility for Bath’s Twinning Links with the necessary fund-raising and administration undertaken by four, voluntary Twinning Associations. 

Information on the cities and how to contact the relevant Twinning Associations in Bath can be found on the Charter Trustees website by clicking here.

To contact for the Charter Trustees Clerk, telephone (01225) 477411 or e-mail: Mayor's_Parlour@bathnes.gov.uk

Bath also has an historic link with Manly in Australia and an Economic Accord Agreement with Beppu in Japan. For further information, contact the Charter Trustees at the address above, or click on the town names to visit their websites.

Four plaques of twinned towns

Local Contacts


Batheaston has been twinned with Oudon near Nantes since 2005. Further information can be found on Facebook of by contacting Peter Davenport by e-mail - pdavenport@kyrle222.plus.com 

Bathford and Kingsdown have been formally twinned with the village of Artannes-sur-Indre in the Loire Valley since 2005.  For further information contact the Chair of the Association, Maureen Breeze by e-mail to M@ureenbreeze.co.uk or visit their website.

Keynsham has been twinned with Libourne near Bordeaux since 1977.  For further information contact the President of the Association, Carole Duckett on (01179) 86 5350 or visit their website.

Norton Radstock was twinned with Ambares-et-Lagrave near Bordeaux in 1982.  Following the dissolution of Norton Radstock Town Council, the link has now transferred to Midsomer Norton.  For further information contact the President of the Association, Jeni Randles on (01761) 412130.

Swainswick has been twinned with Cressy-sur-Somme in the Saone-et-Loire region of France since 1985.  For further information contact Mike Stanton on (01225) 858165

There is no dedicated officer employed by B&NES Council working on Twinning. If any information on this page requires updating please contact Mark Hayward (01225) 396975 or use the Contact us tool below.

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