Bath and North East Somerset Council has a duty to 'assert and protect' the public's right to use the public footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic in the area.  The Council also has a duty to maintain the majority of these routes.  If you encounter any problems while using the public rights of way network please report them to the Public Rights of Way Team.

Report a problem

How to report a maintenance or enforcement problem on the public rights of way network in Bath and North East Somerset.


Temporary Path Closures

Information on Traffic Regulation Orders to temporarily close public rights of way.


Cattle and Public Access

Advice for farmers and members of the public about cattle and land with public access.


Common Problems

Information on problems which are commonly experienced on the public rights of way network and the responsibility of landowners.



Information on enforcement action, procedures and the Council's adopted PROW Enforcement Policy.


Gate Authorisation

Information on how to apply for authorisation to erect a new gate on the line of a public rights of way.



Information on how to volunteer with one of the three volunteer groups who work within Bath and North East Somerset.





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