Bath & North East Somerset Council has a legal duty to process Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) and Town or Village Green Registration (TVG) applications, as well as the discretionary power to process Public Path Order (PPO)  and Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO) applications.  Below are details of current cases including consultations, legal notices and Secretary of State Appeal and Decision Reports.   If you have any comments on a proposal or wish to object to the making of a legal order, please ensure they reach the Public Rights of Way Team by the date specified in the relevant notice. 

Definitive Map Modification Orders

Definitive Map

Documents relating to orders to alter the Definitive Map and Statement which is the legal record of public rights of way.

Public Path Orders                                         

Making Changes to the PROW Network

Documents relating to order to create and divert public rights of way.

Town or Village Green Applications

Photo of access land at Chelscombe Farm

Documents relating to applications to register land as town or village green.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders

Documents relating to orders to temporarily close public rights of way.

Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders

Stanton Drew Standing Stones

Documents relating to orders permanently restricting access on public rights of way.

Landowner Deposits


Documents relating to recent Landowner Deposits which have been lodged with the Authority.

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