A map showing the location of these published shorter walks and rides can be found by clicking on the key map which is located under Documents on the right hand side of this page

1 Bath Skyline Walk - a 6 mile walk along the skyline to the southeast of Bath. 

2 Bath Historical Walk - a walk around the architectual and archeological centre of Bath.  

3 Bittern Trail - a 1 mile walk along the east shore of the Chew Valley Lake.

4 Glebe Trail - a 0.75 mile wheel-chair accessible route along the south shore of the Chew Valley Lake. 

5 Chew Valley Circular - a 2 mile walk around the village of Chew Magna.  

6 Colliers Way- a 23 mile cycle route from Monkton Combe to Frome. 

7 Cotswold Way Circular Walk- a 6 mile circular walk starting in Lansdown. 

8 Dundas Route - a 0.5 mile wheel-chair accessible route near Dundas aquaduct. 

9 Family Discovery Trail - a 2 mile fully-accessible circular route around Claverton Down.

10 History Walks Around Keynsham (Walk 1) - a 5 mile circular walk to Chequers and Willsbridge.

11 History Walks Around Keynsham (Walk 2) - a 5 mile circular walk to Queen Charlton.

12 Into The City (Walk 1) - a 1 mile walk from Weston village to Bath city centre. 

13 Into The City (Walk 2) - a 1.5 mile walk from Bitton to Weston village. (Temporarily unavailable).

14 Into The City (Walk 3) - a 1 mile walk from Fairfield to Bath city centre. 

15 Into The City (Walk 4) - a 1.5 mile walk from Bathford to Bath city centre. 

16 Into The City (Walk 5)- a 1.5 mile walk from Combe Down to Bath city centre.

17 Into The City (Walk 6) - a 1.25 mile walk from Monkton Combe to Combe Down. 

18 Into The City (Walk 7)- a 1 mile walk from Bear Flat to Bath city centre. 

19 Into The City (Walk 8) - a 1.75 walk from Twerton to Bath city centre. 

20 Manor Road Community Woodland - informal paths around a 23 hectare wooded site in Keynsham. 

21 Paulton Village Walk - a 1.5 mile walk around the village of Paulton. 

22 Pensford To Keynsham - a 5.5 mile walk following the River Chew between Pensford and Keynsham. 

23 Sham Castle Circular - a 5 mile walk around Bathampton Down and Bath city centre. 

24 Swineford Circular - a 5 mile circular walk through North Stoke and Upton Cheyney. 

25 Two Churches Circular - a 2 mile circular walk through Freshford and Limpley Stoke. 

26 Two Tunnels - a 4.5 mile wheelchair and bicycle accessible route from Locksbrook in Bath to Midford.

27 Up To Lansdown - a 3.5 mile walk from North Stoke to Upton Cheyney.

28 Walkers Are Welcome Keynsham (Walk One) - a 6 mile circular walk along the River Avon, through Saltford and Manor Road Woodlands.

29 Walkers Are Welcome Keynsham (Walk Two) - a 1 mile walk around the Memorial Park.

30 Walkers Are Welcome Keynsham (Walk Three) - a 7 mile circular walk along the River Chew and through Compton Dando and Burnett.

31 Walkers Are Welcome Keynsham (Walk Four) - a 4 mile circular walk along the River Chew and through Manor Road Woodlands.

32 Walkers Are Welcome Keynsham (Walk Four A) - a 4 mile winter alternative to walk four. Along the River Chew and through Manor Road Woodlands.

33 Walkers Are Welcome Keynsham (Walk Five) - an 8 mile circular walk along the River Avon to Willsbridge, then along the Cycle Path to Bitton.

34 Walkers Are Welcome Keynsham (Walk Six) - a 5 mile circular walk to Bitton and back along the River Avon

35 Walks Around Norton Radstock (Black Mountain) - a 7.5 mile circular walk north of Midsomer Norton passing the former colliery's 'batch'. 

36 Walks Around Norton Radstock (Brooks, Courts and Mills)  - a 8 mile circular walk passing through Radstock, Dunkerton and Camerton.

37 Walks Around Norton Radstock (Miners' Trail) - a 4 mile circular walk through Midsomer Norton, Clandown and Radstock (currently unavailable).

38 Walks Around Norton Radstock (Railways and Tramways) - a 4 mile circular walk through Radstock and Writhlington.  

39 Whitchurch To Keynsham - a 4.5 mile walk from Brislington to Keynsham.

40 Why Not Walk? (Lansdown) - a 4 mile circular walk around Lansdown. 

41 Why Not Walk? (Canal and Riverside Walk) - a 1.5 mile walk adjacent to the river and canal near the centre of Bath .

42 Why Not Walk? (Hedgemead Park) - a 0.25 mile walk around Hedgemead Park in Bath. 

43 Why Not Walk? (Henrietta Park) - a 0.5 mile walk around Henrietta Park in Bath.

44 Why Not Walk? (Parade Gardens) - a 0.25 mile walk around Parade Gardens in Bath. 

45 Why Not Walk? (Prior Park) - a 1.25 mile walk around the National Trust's Prior Park Landscaped Gardens. 

46 Why Not Walk? (Royal Victoria Park - Main Area) - a 0.75 mile walk around Royal Victoria Park. 

47 Why Not Walk? (Royal Victoria Park - Royal Avenue) - a 1 mile walk around Royal Victoria Park. 

48 Why Not Walk? (Sydney Gardens) - a 0.5 mile walk around Sydney Gardens. 

49 Why Not Walk? (Thermae Bath Spa) - a 1.5 mile walk around Bath City Centre. 

50 Wild Walks In The Mendips (Blagdon Lake) - a 2.5 mile walk along the western shore of Blagdon Lake. 

51 Wild Walks In The Mendips (Chew Valley Lake) - a 5 mile circular walk starting in West Harptree and passing Chew Valley Lake. 

52 Wild Walks In The Mendips (East Harptree) - a 3.75 mile circular walk in East Harptree Woods and Combe. 

53 Saltford Walks 1 (River Avon U Bend) - a 3 or 4 mile circular walk following the River Avon near Saltford.

54 Saltford Walks 2 (Norman Road) - a 2 mile walk taking in medieval fishponds and St Mary's Church in Saltford.

55 Saltford Walks 3 (Longwood) - a 3 mile walk through woodland and fields exploring the slopes above Saltford.

56 Saltford Walks 4 (Manor Road Community Woodland) - a 3 mile walk through Manor Road Community Woodland in Keynsham and Saltford.

57 Saltford Walks 5 (Brass Mill and The Shallows) - a 1.3 mile walk around Saltford Village with views of Kelston Roundtop.

58 Saltford Walks 6 (Railway Path and the Saltford Straight) - a 3 mile circular walk along the Bristol and Bath Railway Path and the River Avon.

59 Saltford Walks 7 (Swineford and Kelston Mills) - a 3.5 mile walk starting and ending in Saltford and passing through Swineford and Kelston Mills.

60 Saltford Walks 8 (Saltford's Conservation Area) - a 1.5 mile walk passing 20 listed buildings in Saltford's Conservation Area.

61 Journey's End - a 6 mile walk from Lansdown Park and Ride to Bath city centre.

62 Little Solsbury Hill - a 3.5 mile walk over Little Solsbury Hill and through Chilcombe Bottom Nature Reserve.

63 Walk To The View - a 3 mile circular route with views over the city of Bath.

64 Family Discovery Trail - a 2 mile circular route through pasture and woodland near Bath. 

65 Sydney Gardens Tree Trail - a short walk around Sydney Gardens in Bath taking in 15 trees of particular significance.

66 Fosseway Walk - a 2.5 mile walk exploring the industrial heritage along the Fosseway near Radstock.

67 Haydon Walk - a 3 mile walk around the village of Haydon and its surrounding countryside.

68 Radstock Town Centre - a 0.5 mile walk around Radstock town centre.

69 Whitelands Walk - a 1.5 mile walk taking on teh built and natural heritage around Whitelands.

70 A Love Letter to Radstock - a walking trail and art project to find 10 love letter plaques around Radstock.

71 Westfield Heritage Trail - three walks around Westfield varying in length from 1.5 to 4.5 miles.

72 South Stoke Circular Walk - a 6.5 mile route starting in Odd Down and circling South Stoke.

73 Batheaston to Solsbury Hill - a 2.75 mile route from Batheaston to Solsbury Hill.

74 St Catherines Valley and Charmydown - a 6 mile walk through St Catherines Valley and over Charmydown.

75 City Centre, Beechencliffe and Lyncombe Vale - a 2.75 mile walk around Lyncombe Vale and Beechencliffe.

76 Lansdown and Charlcombe Circular - a mile cirular route starting at Lansdown Park and Ride.

77 Sydney Gardens to Bathaston - a 2 mile walk from the centre of Bath heading east.


Please note that these routes have not been devised by Bath and North East Somerset Council and have not been checked for accuracy.


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