Pavement Damage

Tarmac Footway Maintenance  

Timely intervention by surface treatment is more cost effectove than awaiting later major repairs. Generally a thin coat such as slurry sealiong or surface dressing will result in better conditons for pedestrians. Some surfaces that may appear poor, through cracking or minor surface deterioration are left subsequent resurfacing as the damage in only aesthetic. If a footway requires repair, please contact Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Pothole in the Pavement/Footway

A pothole is a sharp edged depression in the pavement/footway that is greater than 20mm deep. The severity of the pothole is determined by the risk it poses to footway users. This is difficult to judge since all potholes present some risk. If there is a pothole in the pavement/footway that requires repair, please contact Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Paving Slabbed Footway Maintenance

Paving Slab defects should be reported to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection

Rocking Slab:- Pennants or other types of footway slabs may become loose and rock, causing a potential hazard to pedestrians and users of the footway.

Broken Slab:- Footway slabs may also break or crack causing a potential hazard to pedestrians and users of the footway.

Missing Slab:- If a pennant or footway slab is missing, Council Connect should be informed immediately as works will need to take place as quickly as possible to make the area safe.

Raised/Sunken Slab:- If a footway slab is raised or sunken in the footway and is causing a trip hazard, Council Connect should be informed. The trip hazard will be inspected to determine the extent of any defect and subsequent works will be ordered if necessary.

Cellar Light/Coal Hole Damage

Under the Highways Act 1980 it is the responsibility and legal requirement for owners to get technical approval from the relevant Highways Authority for any work to be done. This includes cellars, vaults and any associated openings, doors, cellar lights etc. If you experience water problems, the Council has no duty to prevent water from penetrating a cellar from the footpath or road but may check gullies or drainage connections and has power to act if there are safety concerns. If a cellar/coal hole is causing an obstruction to the public please report it to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Damaged Kerbstones

Kerbs provide a continuous edge to the drainage channel and thereby improve the flow of water to gullies preventing water from escaping onto footways, verges and adjacent land. They also delineate and strengthen the edge of the carriageway, deterring overrunning by vehicles with consequential damage to the footway. If a kerb is being damaged because a vehicle is habitually using it to gain access to their property without a specifically built dropped kerb they can be reported to Council Connect for investigation. If there is a damaged kebstone that requires repair, please report it to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Manhole Covers

If a manhole cover is broken, collapsing, missing or dropped into its hole, and so is a danger to people using the footway, this must be reported immediately to Council Connect. The majority of manholes are for utility inspection and are not the maintenance responsibility of Bath & North East Somerset Council, however, we will inspect and pass to the relevant Utility company for repair.

Obstruction on the Pavement/Footway

Builders Skips

Bath & North East Somerset Council does not permit any skips to be placed on the public pavement/footway. If a skip is obstructing a public pavement/footway or a Public Right of Way (PROW) please report it to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Scaffold and Hoarding

All Scaffolds and Hoarding encroaching onto the public footway should be licenced by the Council, and where a footway is obstructed there should be adequate provision for pedestrians. If a Scaffold or Hoarding is obstructing the footway and no adequate provision is in place then please report this to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Building Materials

The council do not allow building materials on the public footway without a licence. If there are materials blocking the public footway which belong to or are caused by a builder/contractor you can report this to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Temporary Works including Traffic Lights

All works on the public footway must be approved by Bath & North East Somerset Council. If you want to report works being carried out, it is helpful to check the name of the contractor and the type of works, then report the exact location of the works to Council Connect. The Council can then check for notification and validity of the work.

Mixing Concrete/Mortar on the Pavement/Footway

The council do not allow any mixing of builder’s materials on the public footway/highway without approval. The contractor carrying out the works must be appropriately qualified and there must be adequate provision and protection. If you want to report the mixing of concrete/mortar on the public footway/highway please contact Council Connect for Highway Inspection.

Unauthorised Vendors/Traders

Bath & North East Somerset Council does not allow any vendors/traders to work upon the public highway, footway or verge. Please report any such actions to Council Connect for Highway Inspection.

Mud/Debris on the Pavement/Footway

In the event of excess debris on the public footway please report the details, including an exact description the obstruction and where it is, to Council Connect for  a Highway Inspection.

If the Item is refuse, a refuse bag, a dead animal, weeds or leaves then please report it to Council Connect where it will be passed to the Councils Cleansing department.

Overhanging Trees, Branches or Hedges

Hedges and trees that grow on the boundary of the highway or on adjacent land but overhang the highway are generally the responsibility of the adjoining property or land owner. Bath & North East Somerset Council will intervene if there is a safety concern associated with the hedge. In the event that the landowner does not remove obstructions due to overhanging trees or protruding hedges/plants after enforcement, the Authority may remedy the problem and recharge the landowner. To report an overhanging vegetation obstruction on the footway please contact Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Fallen Trees and Branches

If a tree or branch has fallen and is obstructing the highway please report it to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection. For trees that have fallen into telephone lines please contact British Telecom on 0800 800 151. For trees that fallen into power lines please contact Western Power Distribution on 0800 365 900

Illegal Signs

Placing an illegal sign is an encroachment on the public highway. If a person without lawful authority or excuse in any way wilfully obstructs the free passage along a highway, they are guilty of an offence. In such cases the Council has legal powers to enforce the removal of all illegal signs. Illegal signs should be reported to Council Connect for a Highway Inspection.

Discharging Water

If significant water is illegally discharging on to the highway this should be reported to Council Connect fora Highway Investigation.

To report a Pavement/Footway issue to Highway Maintenance, please contact Council Connect on 01225 394041, email us at or use our online report it form

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