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We are interested in your complaints or compliments about bus services in Bath & North East Somerset so that we can form an accurate picture of the quality of the bus services within the region.

Commercial Bus Services

85% of the bus services in Bath & North East Somerset are operated on a commercial basis by bus operators without financial support from the Council. Although the council has no direct control over the running of these services, we are keen to monitor passenger comments and complaints. Indeed, the punctuality of bus services in Bath & North East Somerset is now being monitored with the aid of the Public Transport Team's Mobile Data Capture Units. Based on the data captured, the Public Transport Team is working with operators to encourage them and help them improve their performance. If you would like to comment directly about these services you need to phone the bus operator or write to them.

If you have a complaint about a commercial bus service and after contacting the bus operator you do not feel that they have resolved it to your satisfaction, Bus Users UK may be able to help.  Bus Users UK is an independent organisation that represents bus passengers.  Email, phone or write to them giving them as much detail as you can. They will take things further for you. If they can't resolve it, they are partners in the Bus Appeals Body who will issue a decision about your difficulty.

Bus Users UK
PO Box 119
TW17 8UX

Tel: 01932 232574
Email: enquiries@bususers.org
Website: http://www.bususers.org/

Supported Bus Services

For the 15% of services in Bath & North East Somerset that are financially supported by the council – Supported Services – the Council does have control over these services as they are run by local bus operators under contract to the Council. The Council undertakes surveys on supported services to ensure that the services are being provided as per the contract. The Council is also keen to receive feedback about these services from passengers for the same reason. If these bus services do not run as scheduled, the Council can deduct money from the operator’s next invoice as per the terms of their contract.  Please see the Supported Bus Services page for a full list.

We also deal with queries relating to:

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For details on time tables please use the links below:

Traveline 0870 2002233Traveline provides timetables and journey planners for bus, coach and rail services in the South West. Traveline is also available on tel. 0871 200 22 33 between 7 am and 10 pm (calls cost 10p per minute from landlines).

See Also: Timetables and Journey Planners


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