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Please use this form to report a missed garden waste collection.

We define a missed garden waste collection as where the council has failed to collect on the correct collection day and where:

1. The garden waste was out by 7am on the day of the collection.
2. It was in a suitable container (e.g. wheelie bin, sack that was not overfilled or split).
3. The waste was on the front edge of the property or an assisted collection had been arranged.
4. The waste is “everyday household garden waste”.

Missed garden waste collections must be reported by 5:30 pm on the working day following the date the collection was due. If you have been able to report it by this time then we will return for the garden waste within 5 working days. If you have not been able to report it by this time please let us know anyway as we can use this information to improve the service over time.