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Please use this form to report a missed clinical waste collection.

We define a missed clinical waste collection as where the council has failed to collect on the correct collection day and where:

1. The clinical waste was out by 7am on the day of the collection.
2. It was it in a Council-approved container (e.g. sharps' box or yellow clinical waste bag that was not overfilled or split).
3. The bag was on the front edge of the property or an assisted collection had been arranged.

Due to restrictions regarding the storage of clinical waste, we are unable to return for missed clinical waste collections. Please ensure your clinical waste is available at the usual collection point on your next scheduled collection day.

Please complete this form to let us know the collection has been missed. We can use this information to improve the service over time and we will ensure the team are aware that they will have double the collection on the next scheduled collection day.