Tree Giveaway

Following the overwhelming success of previous tree giveaway and sale events, we are repeating it in our continued drive to plant 100,000 trees in the B&NES area by May 2023.

The trees have been selected to fit into the average domestic garden, with some larger species available (please read descriptions). This initiative will help us increase urban tree canopy cover, increasing carbon capture and improving air quality, help enhance opportunities for wildlife, reduce the heat island effect and just simply make urban life better for citizens and nature.

On Saturday 18th March we will be running our final Tree Sale of the planting season out of Royal Victoria Park in Bath. A range of tree species will be available to order via this web page from 1700 on Friday 10th March.

Trees will be on sale for 7 days and available to order on a first come first serve basis. Autumn and winter is the best time of year to plant trees, as they are more likely to thrive during their dormant period and when ground conditions are most favourable for establishment.

A 2.5m pot grown tree would normally retail @ around £50 and all tree available at this tree sale will be priced at just £5 – so order your trees online (to a limit of 5 trees per household) and fill your boots (of your car) in your positive action to fight the climate and ecological emergencies with us.

Please note - this event will be non-refundable. If you do not collect your tree(s) during your allocated collection slot, the trees will be donated to other planting projects within B&NES. There will be no other opportunity to collect the tree(s) outside the specified collection period.