Tree Giveaway

Following the overwhelming success of the Spring tree giveaway, we are repeating it in our continued drive to plant 100000 trees in the B&NES area by May 2023.

This time however we are charging a nominal fee for the trees in order to reinvest the money in more trees to run another similar offer.

The trees have been selected to fit into the average domestic garden and this will help us increase urban greening which will help us capture and improve air pollution, increase wildlife opportunities, reduce future heat island effects and just simply make urban life better for everyone.

We are running the giveaway on weekends of 16/17 and 23/24th October as planting trees at the start of the winter will allow them to best establish themselves for next years growing season.

A 2.5m pot grown tree would normally retail @ around £50 and we are selling them for just £10, a 1.5m pot tree would be around £25 and we are selling them for just £5! – so order your trees online (to a limit of 5 trees per household) and fill your boots (of your car) in your positive action to fight the climate and ecological emergencies with us.